Mike Bohn Says Portrayal Of USC, West Coast “Unfortunate”

USC athletic director Mike Bohn was on the Paul Finebaum Show today.

He took issue with the way West Coast schools were portrayed on their approach to returning to sports.

“People don’t understand our commitment to football and our student athletes,” Bohn said. “It creates a little unrest because you’re competitive.”

Bohn on USC’s chances of playing football this season: “Our hope meter seems to go up every day.”

12 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Says Portrayal Of USC, West Coast “Unfortunate”

  1. Hey Mike Bohn, people’s portrayal of USC, and west cost football, is based on actions, not words. Take a look in the mirror, and see the individual who decided to retain the worst coach in college football, Dummy !!

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  2. Bohner says portrayal of USC football is unfortunate;
    Our eyes say the PLAY of USC football is unfortunate.

    Bill Parcells says, “You are what your record says you are.”

    adjective: mediocre
    of only moderate quality; not very good.
    “Helton is a mediocre coach at best”
    “Bohn is a mediocre AD and he knows it” (also see over his head or bad hire or no balls)

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  3. Bohn’s performance on Finebaum’s show was a complete embarrassment with trite euphemisms and regurgitated talking points. The only thing missing from that freak show was lobster boy, the bearded lady, and Pudly in his Freddie mercury unitard.

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  4. nothing helps one’s perception in football like winning meaningful games. win a national title or two in the playoff era, and other schools just might follow your lead. until then, just … stop … talking.

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  5. In the weak ass West in and out of conference we’re a soft offense that throws pick fests. 3 picks to Oregon, 3 picks to BYU, what, about 20 sacks, 8 fumbles on season. The numbers sound atrocious but if we weren’t stacked and didn’t play in the WAC 12 they’d be doubly bad. hen let’s not talk about Iowa, where a middling midwestern team totally shut down our offense. Grahaaaam. Nitwit.

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