USC Morning Buzz: The Post-UCLA Game Stories Continue

One of the most-read stories I wrote last season was when Clay Helton awarded game balls to Mike Bohn and Carol Folt after the UCLA game.

Helton was trying to save his job. Helton did not, however, award a game ball to Kedon Slovis, who passed for a USC-record 515 yards in that game.

I was casually talking to a USC player last week, who was in the locker room after the game and added a new wrinkle to the story. The player said Slovis actually stood up as if he was going to get a game ball.

Remember that the next time you hear some pundit or announcer talk about what a “good guy” Helton is.

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Post-UCLA Game Stories Continue

  1. I’m not exactly sure why they even celebrated a win over UCLA, they’ve been one of the worst teams in college football over the last couple of years. Clay Helton should’ve given the game ball to Keadon Slovis, then drop to his knees for Mike Bohn. 😂. And btw, who got the game ball against Iowa ? 🤔. 😂😂😂😂

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      1. Pudly removed the game ball from clay’s ass very gently.

        It now sits on a nightstand in Pudly’s basement…skidmarks on it and all.

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  2. Back a bit, my then wife decided I’d had one too many rugby nites with the boys, and dragged my unpolished ass to see Phantom of The Opera while Michael Crawford was wearing the mask. Dropped a dime on a great dinner, she was looking like a million bucks, the seats were great, and BOOM! Robert Fuckin Guillaume. The dude from Soap. Clay is like a permanent and overpaid Robert Guillaume.

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      1. I still can’t believe Jack- Pudly76 was crying 😢 because Scott Wolf deleted his posts, he’s too much of a old fart to be crying like that . “He deleted my post..again” he said 😭😭😭. Nobody wants to read his cut and paste posts 😂😂😂

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    1. Jack Pudly76, you’re not scooping anybody Pops, this has been all over the news already 😂. And if you wonder why Scott Wolf deletes your posts, then wonder no more, cry baby 😭

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    2. So that’s Pudly’s grandmother next to his screen name, huh? Grandma Pudly, looking out for Pudly, locking him in the basement so he doesn’t get out and hurt himself.


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      1. Jack-Pudly76 grandma? No way, that’s his wife, which is why he’s constantly blowing kisses to dudes on this blog 💋. And I’m thinking, he’s probably choking his chicken too, when thinking about Scott Wolf every morning . 😂😂

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    3. I don’t know who chickened out —her lawyers or her —but they coulda won this thing. The “intent” instructions are almost impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the satisfaction of all 12 jurors…

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      1. True, MG, but what possibly made everybody reconsider going to trial was if they lost the sentencing would have been a bit longer than 2-months and her team would have lost leverage.

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      2. Yeah — I think you’re right, John…

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    1. I love the spirited back and forth (sometimes even the mean spirited back & forth) on this site. Scott has created a forum with an energy that is unlike any other Trojan sports site. But you’re right, 67 — the long litany of attacks on Pudly [who so many people enjoy] are misplaced. It’d be nice if other people [who know how to be funny without going medieval on Pudly] “managed” themselves just a little better….

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      1. Michael, yes indeed. We come here to enjoy discussing Trojan sports. My preference is more sports, less idiotic personal attacks. To each their own, but this morning’s is really not my thing.

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      2. Pudly is a clay helton ass sniffing idiot, always trying to attribute USC’s recruiting to that 3rd rate fraud of a coach. Trying to convince people that the idiot helton has USC football on the verge of being back on the right track and you fucking clowns eat it up.

        Pudly is nothing but a fucking joke and that’s why he is treated as such.

        So GTFO with this stop picking on pudly shit.

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  3. For all those who keep a Bible handy. Clay Helton is the whitewashed sepulcher of whom Jesus spoke. All clean and shiny outside and thoroughly dead inside.
    He is in this game for himself. He has heard the gospel and preaches it but doesn’t understand or believe it. He has met his savior but fails to recognize him for who he is.
    I guess I paid attention in Sunday school

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    1. Helton was once a fairly decent man who went about doing his fairly decent job of preparing QB’s for Pac 12 play (and nothing beyond Pac 12 play). 4 million a year and a big title went to his head —- now he play acts his own demented version of Billy Graham every time they put a camera in front of him (and, more recently, every time he puts a camera in front of himself)…….

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    1. If slow footed Max Browne could live through it [and a host of lesser SEC QB’s], Slovis can live through it…

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  4. Gomer’s valet and human bidet, Pudly, runs his mouth more than anyone on this site. He’s lucky that he doesn’t get blown up more than he does. Personally, I take it easy on him due to the fact that he’s in the middle of “transitioning.”


  5. Winners take responsibility;
    Losers blame others.

    NOW…I have the resources to win
    NOW…I have the support staff

    Tell you what Clay, shock the world and make ONE SINGLE halftime adjustment this season. Even a bad one would be acceptable.

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  6. Now he play-acts his own demented version of Billy Graham every time they put a camera in front of him. work when I click on it so I’ll have to proceed in written form. The “intent” instructions are almost impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the satisfaction.


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