USC Hunting For More Transfers

USC is going after two high-quality transfers: Guard Mac McClung of Georgetown and guard Both Gach of Utah.

Both considered going pro but are now looking for new schools. Each player has played two years so they will need a waiver, like JT Daniels, to become immediately eligible. The NCAA is expected to be liberal about granting waivers so maybe it won’t be a problem.

If you can’t coach, get transfers.

35 thoughts on “USC Hunting For More Transfers

  1. Andy Enfield knows all he has to do is qualify for the NCAA playoffs, and doesn’t really need to advance once he gets there. 😂 USC basketball has been on cruise control since forever, and nobody cares 😂

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  2. I don’t give a shit about either one. Now back to bb.

    But….. I like the spark that McClung shows on the court. But either one would help us if they play 2 years.

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