USC Question Of The Day

When are former USC water polo coach Jovan Vavic and USC administer Donna Heinel going to face trial?

The last I heard was when a grand jury levied additional charges against the pair last October. Former USC men’s volleyball coach Bill Ferguson also had additional charges filed against him.

25 thoughts on “USC Question Of The Day

  1. the question of the day is if UCLA will get Meyer now that they just hired the most closely connected with meyer AD candidate possible.

    Question #2, if UCLA outduels USC for Meyer, how much higher will mutiny go? 3x as bad as it is now? 10x? it would be absolutely the last straw for mike bohn. He wouldn’t be able to get a seat anywhere in town afterwards.

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    1. mxcvx – i have not seen a single article on a USC football fan site that mentions the UCLA AD hire and possibility of Urban Meyer as coach. Is this because they know that if that happens, USC fans will simply stop caring and readership will plummet?

      Reading a Bruin fan site, they are already suggesting to invoke the Force Majeur clause in Chip Kelley’s contract to fire him… with no severance. The only reason to pay such a high salary to this AD was to land Urban as football coach.

      Can you imagine what happens when (not if) Meyer beats Clay in the final game of this year? half the USC recruits will go to UCLA and the rest to Oregon. USC fans will literally be calling for the heads of Bohn, Folt and maybe even Caruso. I feel sorry for Bohn, a pretty decent guy who is a decent athletic director and was screwed by Folt/Caruso.

      I cant see anything good happening while Folt remains President. Too much a politician and not enough a leader.

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    2. UCLA doesn’t even have enough money to buy out Chip Kelly’s contract. You’re in dreamland if you think the Bruins will even consider hiring Meyer. The Wuhan Coronavirus and Dan Guererro have depleted the UCLA athletic department funds in a big way!

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      1. Yeah so, finding someone to fund a Coaching hire is as hard as making a tweet when the coach is urban Meyer. Plus coaches like urban pay for themselves. Not only does merch sales go up, but univ applications, donations, and on and on. I saw some report once about how much more Florida made when Urban coached and it was insane


    3. Is everyone out of your minds??!! We have coach Clay Helton! He has a rose bowl win! He runs a clean program! His kids love him. His kids graduate! He has a solid family! You will not find him ordering shots of Patron at bar ala Sakisian or fondling co-eds like Pete Carroll! He developed a 2 star QB into a Heisman candidate! Why would you worry about a cheating wife beater being hired at UCLA?? Coach Clay should get another extension if you ask me.


  2. Boston College is a mid tier program. Let us see how Meyer can handle the west weird crowd of wanting Johnny Cheetin Wooden brought back to life so he could cheat for another 10 bought flags.

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      1. And the ruin faculty is more worried about admitting illegal aliens than blue chip recruits who can actually play football.

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      2. How dare you suggest that there’s anything wrong with any UC school’s policies….!

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    1. Yeah if UCLA fires Kelly and Bohn follows suit you know it’s on. If UCLA gets Meyer Bohn is TOAST. And the USC fans will simply disappear. If you hate life as a USC fan now… Urban will put your program in the grave if he is hired at your rival. Ask Michigan, BYU, or Tennessee… I don’t think any of them ever beat Meyer or his school even after he left. Urban builds programs that last.

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  3. Why is that corrupt filth C.L. Max Nikias still on the payroll and not banned from USC’s campus?

    There’s your question of the day.


  4. There are so many reasons Meyer won’t coach the ruins:

    Existing $30 million athletic dept. deficit, along with 10% state budget cut that will likely for 2 and perhaps 3 years

    The sugar daddies have said no more athletic donations (Wasserman and Aikman)

    Meyer would not fly with the social justice mentality there

    Why would he want to coach there? They haven’t pretended to try to put together a quality football program since the ’80s.

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      1. “If Folt hired Meyer”

        Michael, truer words never were spoken on this blog (except perhaps those of the immortal Ed Garrett regarding Josh Rosen’s vagina sprain…)

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      2. Ah, the great Ed Garrett! As Dan Aykroyd said of Ed Wood: “We can’t ever top him — we can only stand on his shoulders!”

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  5. Bohn or Jarmond will get Meyer. It’s clear he wants to coach in LA with the NIL changes. It is the one thing he has basically admitted.
    It’s a two horse race now. USC is a much better fit buy UCLA now has the much better athletic department.

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