Hype Up The Hype Video!

This strikes me as a boilerplate hype video. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But when USC overhypes the hype-video guys, it creates an expectation that you will be floored. So far, it seems only media sycophants are wowed by this one.


14 thoughts on “Hype Up The Hype Video!

  1. Of course that video has zero to do with the present, which is what most fans are concerned about under, Clay Helton. The late Al Davis did the same thing with his Raiders, because his current teams at the time, had not accomplished anything in over a decade. I bet Alabama, and LSU’s hype videos would focus on recent accomplishments, and current teams. 😂😂. I’m looking forward to the next mighty Trojans video, which will probably feature Mike Garrett’s greatest moments 😂😂

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    1. I can see it now… a nice slow fade to someone running the ol’ standby platcall – 23 skidoo.


    2. Al Davis said Lane Kiffin couldn’t coach worth a shit. Al Davis was right.

      And for those who will say Kiffin did a good job under Carroll as his offensive coordinator, play calling duties he shared with Sarkisian, Matt Leinart said that of all the plays Kiffin/Sarkisian sent into him, he audibled out of those plays 85% of the time.

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  2. It’s gonna be tough for the vid crew to match thier work from last year. Hard to make great bbq ribs from just ketchup. Now, if they wanted to do a coaching bloopers series of vids they’re sitting on a goldmine…

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  3. We’re told the team was trending up at years end and a whole bunch of yet to be hired, or thisclose to being fired, staff members were really, really excited about how good they are gonna be this year. Since Clay would never lie about something like that, it got me wondering: how bad would the team have to be for him to say they sucked?

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  4. The USC athletic department should make the hype guys produce a video featuring Todd Orlando shouting at the players during practice. Because if anybody at Alabama sees it, it will definitely put the scare into them. So let’s hope they don’t recognize Orlando from the Texas coaching staff, because that would blow the whole charade. 😂😂


  5. Between an OC who could give a shit about complimentary playcalling, a new DC compelled to yell in order to make things look different, a head coach who doesn’t actually coach but fidgets endlessly with a headset that aint connected to anything, and a bunch of grad students in polo shirts who appear to have the same gameday responsibilities as the song/cheer boys do, our sideline is gonna be a gongshow

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