USC Picks Up 13th Commitment

USC received a commitment from offensive tackle Saia Mapakaitolo, a three-star prospect from Alemany High School.

What’s funny is when I mentioned Oregon got four-star lineman Jonah Miller, some people said, “USC signed six linemen (in 2020), they don’t need more.”

But USC has commitments from three offensive linemen in 2021, all three-star players.

At least Tim Drevno is happy.

25 thoughts on “USC Picks Up 13th Commitment

  1. I don’t what kind of coaches they are but Drevno and Viane don’t seem like very charismatic personalities. They seem like semi-boring guys. I don’t think that I would be jumping through any hoops to come SC by listening to them. They may be good coaches but they need some help recruiting. I’m still waiting for them to bring on-board Chris Claibourne. He’s a great recruiter and he wants to come to SC. What’s the problem?

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    1. Drevno is a joke in the same way Sark was a joke — a formerly solid, but now completely burned out, football coach trying to get by on past reputation….

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      1. That black guy who was the host on that interview is a known backstabber. He’ll step on anyone he has to to get to the top or get a scoop.


  2. No one can listen to or look at Coach Drevno….and feel optimistic about the o-line…….
    As he watches this video, Harrell must be thinking….

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  3. Thank goodness those verbal commitments aren’t binding, because the new USC coach Is going to re-evaluate the players, and decide if he agrees with the offers. But thanks anyway, Tim Drevno 👍


    1. Why did Barkley cut the video short… His daughter was about to plant his 5 year old son in the asphalt like Barr planted him in the rose bowl turf.. Like father like son… floating duck waiting to get intercepted… where is JT when you need him. Maybe Helton could get on his knees and beg Daniels to come back!


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      1. Hey Charlie – speaking of being “planted” how is the UCLA football program? it really stretches the truth to even call it program now. How many million is the athletic department in debt? Hey it almost 4 years since your infamous call on “the Queen” Hillary. I still laugh like crazy how wrong you were. Do you like Sleepy Joe? Do you dare make a call in 2020? LMAO!

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  4. So from what i gather these coaches still are not recruiting the trenches (well) which is what we need. So they can stop with rah rah hype videos because when the games begin we will not be able to run the ball or protect the QB. Still signing 3 stars, there is a fat kid a couple of houses down from me so maybe they can just sign him.

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  5. Drevno, like his offensive line, is a joke. His lack of situational awareness is limitless. A hype video about recruiting in LA? The a-hole should not be showing his face on the internet, Go home and study some film, you pr##k.

    Hey Drevno, that move that the Fresno State defensive end used to splinter JT Daniels knee into bits is called a swim move.

    p.s. – Hey Pudly, maintain yourself this weekend, you sick f##k


    1. Pudly is lurking around, pretending he has something else to do other than posting here and scouring twitter.

      And it’s got to be killing him.


  6. Bohn forced Helton to improve the defensive coaches and it got some recruiting results. Is Orlando the best defensive coordinator ever? probably not. but he brought in a sense of mission and energy that was sorely lacking.

    the offensive side of the ball is still missing something. harrell is a really great QB coach, but is he really a great offensive coordinator? does he really have a top-notch offensive staff?

    the answer is still no. outside of keary, the offensive side of the ball is all flash, but it falls apart when they go up against top teams.

    the big problem is that UCLA looks ready to hire Urban Meyer. if that happens, watch many of the SC recruits drop out and move to UCLA. by the end of the first season, UCLA will beat USC and then all hell breaks loose. while UCLA went out and got the best young up and coming AD in the business, USC wont even allow its AD to make his own decisions about the head coach. USC is playing small ball and UCLA is going to come out of nowhere and crush SC.

    mark my words. by the 2021 season, UCLA will be the program that is ascending quickly, while USC gets lower and lower ranked recruits. Oregon and UCLA will dominate the Pac-12 and Folt will not be able to walk on the streets without body guards.


  7. Urban meyer will NEVER Coach in the Pac 12. ….. A lot of 3 star football players give it there all when playing football while a 5 star thinks they are BEtter than every one else … an Example is JT DANIELS. CHOKING….. IT IS ALL about THAT PLAYERS ATTITUDE when playing on the football field.. by the way Please FIRE HE’LL Ton in 2021


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