USC Saturday Buzz: A Question On Offensive Line Recruiting

USC signed six offensive lineman from the Class of 2020. And it has three commitments for 2021.

Eight of the nine are three stars according to Rivals. I’d be less hung up on stars if USC had a history of developing linemen under the current regime.

Do stars matter? Offensive tackles Tyron Smith, Matt Kalil and Zach Banner were five stars. Chad Wheeler was a three star. Way back when, Don Mosebar and Anthony Munoz were considered the best offensive linemen in the nation for their classes.

Here’s what Football Scoop wrote: “A total of 41 percent of 5-stars who sign with Power 5 schools don an NFL helmet at least once in their life, compared with 10 percent of 2-stars.”

41 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: A Question On Offensive Line Recruiting

  1. If Hudson Houck as the OL coach I wouldn’t mind, he could actually recruit top talent and coach up players who weren’t ( Keith Van Horn )

    But when you really think about it, the current offense doesn’t run the ball, the QB throws quickly, so does SC really need 4 and 5 star OL ?

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    1. I sorta agree with you, karma. [But I bet if you asked Slovis immediately after he got knocked outta the Utah or Iowa games, he’d disagree].

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  2. Does SC need 5 star OL? or does it need 5-6 QB’s a season? and the bonus is that RB’s need not apply…. sounds like a winner… something that Helton has never been…sigh

    NOTE: our fantastic OC wins against crap teams (which is a step up from Helton) but against good teams…it’s not very pretty….SIGH

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    1. Very funny, yeateam. Can you imagine sitting down with the parents of high school QB’s and telling them “your son will definitely play — all 6 of our QB’s will definitely play” ….

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  3. This is what good coaching, a really good offensive line, a TE & FB blocking will do for you,…ball control.

    Leinart wasn’t worried in the slightest about being hit. Slip the TE out for a few quick hit passes and it’s game over.

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      1. ….Before Ed left and Pete became green with envy and replaced Naamie Chow with his two basketball buddies Nepotism Creation Kiffin and Drunk Sark . I knew it was too good to last on January 4th 2005.

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      2. gt — Jan 4th, 2005 was one thing — September 5th, 2020 might be unimaginable….

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    1. Gives me a woody knowing that we used to just dominate lines both sides of the ball and Tackle like nobody’s business….


      1. gotroy22 sucks at math and isn’t a true fan of USC football…he’s a wannabe fan just like pudly.



      1. gt –This isn’t a republican/democrat thing anymore. I don’t give a flying shit about either party. This is about Biden. We can’t afford a guy that weak & addled dealing with China. [It’s maybe time everybody takes another look at Peter Sellers in “Being There”]……

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      1. How hard must it have been for Hillary —- who I loathe but who’s still sharp as a tack — to say “Joe Biden is the man to lead America back”….?

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  4. USC used to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, especially offensively and physically wear down opponents with blocking…to the point where by the middle of the 3rd qtr. opponent defenses would just give up.


  5. Here is a compilation of OL signed the last 10 years. After the year, the first column is # of signees. The second is the number of players from the class that eventually started.
    2011. 4. 3 Star Marcus Martin
    2012 4. 5 Star Banner. 4 Star Tuerk. 3 Star Wheeler 5 Star Simmons
    2013 2. 4 Star Falah. 4 Star. Khaliel Rodgers
    2014. 4. 4 Star Mama. 4 Star Toa Lobendahn 4 Star Vianne Talamiavia
    2015. 4 4 Star Edoga
    2016. 3. None
    2017 4. 4 Star Jackson 4 Star Vera- Tucker 4 Star Voorhees 4 Star Neilon
    2018. 2 None so far; Deidich looks promising
    2019. 2 4 Star Rodríguez is the highest ranked
    2020 6 Signed – all 3 Star

    USC has signed two 5 Star OL in the last 10 years and both were in the same class (2012). Martin and Wheeler were 3 Star and were excellent players. A lot of small classes for OL..

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    1. The only thing Helton has developed since he’s been at USC is an affection for pudly’s rub down massages of his balls


  6. football dynasties are all built on the linemen. if you dont have a strong offensive line, then you have to resort to alot of gimmicks and eventually other teams will learn to defend them.

    as USC’s offensive line recruiting gets worse and worse, the future of the team gets dim. sure, we might be able to ride on the talent of the QB and receivers for another year or two, but at some point, those guys will switch over to the teams that control the line of scrimmage.


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