USC Sunday Buzz: Will Coliseum Be 20-60 Percent Capacity?

During Mike Bohn’s media tour, he mentioned Ohio State’s projection it could host 22,000-50,000 fans for football games depending on the guidelines at the time.

Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke also addressed the issue in an interview with the Arizona Daily Star.

“At this point, with the information we have, I don’t foresee the ability to open the full stadium to capacity,” Heeke said. “It would be significantly less than that. Numbers have ranged anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent or 60 percent. I think it’s probably trending to the lower side.

“Nothing’s been finalized. But … it does seem to trend toward a limited-fan-engagement model, and certainly different protocols for entry into the stadium, for exiting out of the stadium.”

Heeke also mentioned gates that will be solely for entering or exiting the stadium.

  • Former USC offensive lineman Clayton Bradley has transferred to UNLV.

12 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Will Coliseum Be 20-60 Percent Capacity?

  1. The outcome of the USC vs Alabama game will dictate the fans interest for the remainder of the season. And once they realize Clay Helton’s product on the field, is no better then a Mountain West Conference team, then the excitement will fade. The eyes don’t lie, Mike Bohn, Helton, and the rest of the SC athletic administration do.


  2. Play the games in AZ at midday. This heat would ensure social distancing and hot, desert sun would kill any virus hit by sunlight.


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  3. So basically, with new social distancing guidelines for Coliseum attendees in place (i.e. 2 seats between fans, empty rows between occupied rows, etc.), USC home game attendance will be essentially unchanged from last year.

    A line comes to mind from the movie, The Usual Suspects, in regards to Clay Helton from this potential gameday attendance scenario: “I’m telling you this guy is protected from up on high by the prince of darkness!”

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    1. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is making you think he doesn’t exist” —- “The Usual Suspects.”

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      1. Clay Helton.
        [As Gore Vidal said once — “whenever a person —out of the blue —announces he’s an avid bible reader, you know you’re in the presence of a wholly evil person”]. When Clay is finally fired, he’s going to walk 100 yards to a waiting limo …and, on the way, he’s going lose the paunch, drop the southern accent and grow a full head of hair….and nobody will ever see or hear from him again — just like Keyser Soze at the end of The Usual Suspects.
        btw, Speaking of The Usual Suspects, I interviewed the person who played Keyser Soze’s wife, Smadar Hanson, for a law school spot and she was super smart —one of the smartest people I ever met.

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      2. Nice work, gt! [If only Helton understood “Will” ——not to the extent Keyser Soze took it — but to the extent Orgeron understands it]…


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