Remembering Two Faces From 1977

Lynn Cain gets overlooked at USC because he shared the backfield with Charles White but he averaged 5.2 yards per carry. And he had a pretty respectable NFL career, gaining 2,309 yards, mostly with the Atlanta Falcons.

A lot of people who were fans of Roosevelt High School and East Los Angeles College still remember him too.

  • And here is USC offensive line coach Hudson Houck, probably considered the best offensive line coach in school history. He coached 10 All-Americans. He was also a member of the 1962 USC national championship team.

14 thoughts on “Remembering Two Faces From 1977

  1. Ahh! The good ol’ days when USC football wasn’t softer than Charmin toilet paper. Now they just play like the stuff toilet paper was invented for.

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    1. Megatron,
      There are many varieties of Charmin —- we’re “Ultra Soft.”

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      1. One must make sure to wipe all the gotroy22 from the Pudly…as to not leave any behind.


      2. tebow — I hope you don’t believe this would be a better site without Pudly and gt. Diversity of opinion is good for this site. We’ve got a great range of it here —it would be a pity to lose it. [I hope you take this in the spirit in which it was meant — i.e., as a message from a friend]……

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      3. gt —Maybe yes. Maybe no. It depends on whether or not hospitals continue to get 20% more federal money for every patient diagnosed with covid19. [If we gave individual police officers 20% pay increases for making 100 Sicilian arrests a year, chances are the # of Sicilian arrests would go up]……

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      4. Amazingly, L. A. Could come back almost overnight if —observing social distancing—- theaters, restaurants and sports venues opened up. Thousands of jobs would return. But the fix may be in.

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  2. MG-
    That is my hope. We know they will not be coached up properly so maybe if they have something to prove to Alabama and most of all themselves, they will put forth a decent showing and not embarrass ourselves for the 30th time under Helton. Not asking for a win just asking for a decent showing.

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