A Memorial Day Memory

On Memorial Day, a quick story about a Trojan from World War II.

Don Clark played football at USC in 1942 before joining the Army. Clark was only 20 when he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He lost six fillings in his teeth when a German 88 mm artillery shell went off near him.

After the war, Clark returned to USC and played football in 1946-47. He became a USC assistant coach for five years and was the Trojans’ head coach in 1957-59. He should also get credit for hiring John McKay as an assistant coach in 1959.

8 thoughts on “A Memorial Day Memory

      1. It’s Deez Nuts you need to swallow, Jack-Pudly76, I think you’re a bit delusional today, Pops. 😂 Btw, Where’s my morning kiss 💋 ? 😂😂😂😂


      2. Pudly,
        Can you imagine what the sarcastic equivalent of “ah nuts” would be for today’s forces?

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    1. gt —I saw that movie with a bunch of West Point Grads —who pretty much ruined it by saying every 15 minutes, “that’s not the way it went.”

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  1. Having had several relatives that fought in WWII … that generation never will get enough credit as far as I’m concerned…

    Way to go Don Clark …

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  2. I believe that Clark also hired Al Davis as an assistant coach for the Trojans.




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