USC Morning Buzz: Reggie Bush Unhappy With ESPN; Sultan McCullough Update

Reggie Bush is mad at ESPN, which is not unique for a Fox Sports analyst.

In this case, ESPN rewrote Bush’s interview with Playboy and Bush objected to the fact ESPN wrote it without his approval. If Bush gets mad every time someone writes a news story on an interview he gave to another web site, he will be busy.

ESPN reportedly reached out to Bush but he tweeted, “My contract is with (Fox Sports) I can’t even talk to ESPN,” according to the Sporting News. That tweet appears to be deleted.

  • And now a brief update on former USC tailback Sultan McCullough, who was involved in a serious car accident last month.

McCullough has been transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. He is still having difficulty attempting to walk and dealing with scars on his legs after he was thrown from his car and slid more than 200 feet on the street.

Quite a few ex-USC players have reached out since the accident.

5 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Reggie Bush Unhappy With ESPN; Sultan McCullough Update

  1. Thicker skin might serve him well (Reggie, not Sultan).

    Refreshing to see someone besides Scott miss a contraction though (your v. you’re). But maybe citing that tweet is intentional, right Scott? Still, from the headline, I can see Reggie being upset at both ESPN and Sultan’s slow recovery.

    Stay strong Sultan.

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  2. Awww, did Reggie Bush get his feelings hurt 😢 ? I love the way that arrogant SOB ordered espn to remove the article 😂😂 .

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