Reggie Bush Worried About College Athletes Getting Paid

Former USC tailback Reggie Bush said paying college athletes will “destroy some people” if they do not have a good foundation during an interview with

“They’re about to start paying college athletes,” Bush said. “This is something that has never been experienced before, and it’s going to destroy some people if their foundation is not in the right place.

“The one thing I wish I had early in my career is proper financial knowledge. I hired good agents, and I hired a good team. But I allowed that good team to make decisions for me. I’m not saying I’m going bankrupt, but if I had the proper knowledge back then, some things would be different.

“People just assume, “Well, you got all this money, so you’re good.” It’s actually the opposite. The more money you have, the more danger you’re in. Because now you’re a freaking open target for a lot of people. It’s a nasty world out there, and it’s about to get nastier. You’re going to really start to see the true colors of a lot of people, and a lot of businesses too. You’re going to see people doing some crazy stuff to make money, because our market is crashing.”

Bush, at least, should be OK financially. A court ordered the Rams to pay him $12.5 million in 2018 for a knee injury he suffered at a game in St. Louis when he slipped on a hard surface.

27 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Worried About College Athletes Getting Paid

  1. Reggie Bush has been sniffing his own balls, he sounds like a delusional fool . He actually thinks everyone is his “Yes-Man” , and believes everything that comes out of his pathological lying mouth.. lmao 😂. Hey Reg, what happened to your side chick, who got pregnant about year after you got married? 🤔. That story disappeared mighty quick 😂


  2. Reggie talking about college athletes getting paid is like Scottie complaining about third rate bloggers not proofreading their blog posts…

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  3. This is truly a joke of epic proportions. In his own words,I wish someone could have taught him how financially to be prudent. His mother & step Father got 39 months of mortgage free luxury in San Diego from Lake ( agent) spurned him to go in another direction. 2005 is an asterisk in college football history due to him. I cannot forgive bush & the punishment we as alumni and the fans had to endure. USC to welcome back bush is using the same ignorant standards that apply to determine whether or not the head coach should be retained. Never Mind!

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  4. On the field, he along with Junior Seau, Mike Williams, and Adoree Jackson are on the Mt. Rushmore of players that I’ve personally seen play. Off the field, he made a lot of mistakes and maybe he is speaking from experience. Although he should (actually, his stepfather should) admit and accept some responsibility for what happened to the football program, I mostly blame the NCAA for the sanctions and Pat Haden for not going to mat against them.
    The fall he took against the Rams looked terribly painful and am glad that he got paid for that.

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      1. Like button isn’t. working, MG. Just curious, who is on your USC Mt. Rushmore? My finalists included Troy, Mark Carrier, Marquise Lee, Rey Rey, Willie McGinest, and Carson Palmer. I never saw Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz, and only a little of Marcus Allen.

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      2. Jon Arnett, O. J. Simpson (I know, I know), Reggie, Leinart, Mark Carrier …and, because I DID see him play, Anthony Munoz (who wasn’t bad in “The Right Stuff” either)…..


  5. It’d been nice if Reggie would have “not” stayed silent and instead let the NCAA know that Pete & USC didn’t broker any deal, etc. I don’t blame him so much for taking the money (not many college kids would say no) but not stepping up and absolving PC and staff, F him and moreso his step dad and mom.

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      1. It was my understanding that the big stuff went stepdad’s way…..
        #[btw, HatsOffToYou,StepDad—ChallengingButVeryRewardingJob]!

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  6. I’m not saying what Reggie did wasn’t wrong But……. How old was he when he came to USC? Just a kid whose dad got sucked into some crook flashing 100 dollar bills around the likes of which they have never experienced. There are plenty of Lake types out there feeding off the ignorance of people who have never even imagined the kind of money these guys have.

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      1. Reggie DID NOT benefit any more than previous athletes before him at USC or any other top tier program. Which includes UGLY!


    1. Wasn’t Reggie 19 years old, an adult, old enough to serve in the military, when he made the deal in November 2004? Did he not get a free car he even posed with for a magazine cover, travelling money, hotel rooms, expensive restaurants and bling? Reggie knew exactly what he was doing , benefited personally from it, did it even though he knew it was wrong, so the 84 other players who followed the rules on the SC football team ended up forfeiting two wins over ND and the ruins, the BCS championship Orange Bowl win over Oklahoma and the entire 2005 season. He made a clean getaway to the NFL and a $41 million contract with the Saints and left Pete Carroll holding the bag and people here have the gall to make excuses for him? Reggie’s greed and selfishness ended the Pete Carroll Dynasty.

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      1. All true, gt. As my failing memory recalls it, Reggie willingly grabbed up all the chump change ….while stepdad took deed to the house [and this part I AM sure of: the NCAA had to INVENT– out of thin air– the doctrine of ‘institutional control’ in order to punish USC for all the crap going on —and, further, apply their brand new concept, retroactively, to the Trojans —a complete denial of all notions of due process].

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      2. If somehow Owns was hired as USC AD I don’t think he could do as much damage as Pat Haden did during his illustrious tenure.

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      3. gt — Owns would not have PROMOTED Helton….

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  7. There’s a lot, and it isn’t worth re-hashing but the NCAA actually missed the time frame, and the heart of their accusations, flimsy at best, occurred outside of his playing.

    Another point, parents running a debt is not within anything the NCAA judged to be an impermissible benefit before and afterward. Even the relationship that they established didn’t fall into a benefit to the school nor have anything to do with his playing– the idea of NCAA is, or was, to prevent pay for play.

    USC asked Reggie to say nothing and for good reason– since Haden and Nikias took the approach of throwing everyone under the bus and cowering, they asked Reggie not to speak. Haden went so far as to state that Reggie told him he was sorry, which Reggie made a rare statement about, flatly denying it.

    A number of people that played with Haden talked about players getting impermissible benefits (and a little racial hierarchy thrown in to who got what), yet I never saw Haden say he wanted to give back his championship rings and have his stats deleted.

    But that goes to a larger reality which is, aside from this case, players have been getting paid, it is rife in big time collegiate athletics, and the NCAA behaves more like a politicized cartel on who gets scrutiny and penalized and who doesn’t, and ‘SC and the PAC 12 haven’t been really a serious political player. USC’s only fortune in this regard is that after a while, some of the political folks realize that ‘SC is good for college football’s bottom line, as long as it isn’t dominating the way a school with USC’s unique advantages can (save its habit of self destruction).

    The whole system is rotten, and it will probably get more, not less rotten with the rules changes, but I don’t make the rules so I don’t much care. But I’d rather those that run ‘SC not be inept and cause losses and bad PR because they just can’t get their shit together or have people in charge who don’t protect the programs and student athletes.

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