USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


USC football

It looks like the Pac-12 this week will approve welcoming back athletes for voluntary workouts, the first step toward actually playing a season.

Lane Kiffin

He got all the positive publicity from the announcement of the USC-Ole Miss series and probably won’t even be around by 2025. I would pay to see him dress like he did at the Sun Bowl if he happens to make it to the USC game.

Jack Sears

He finally found a home with Boise State. Now he just needs to play.

Jeremy Kipp

The former USC assistant and Northwestern was named swimming coach last week. Now he needs to convince star recruit Erica Sullivan, who deferred enrolling to train for the now-postponed Olympics, to still come to USC.


Steve Lopes

His strict scheduling policy of seven home games and no home-and-home series with Power 5 teams is up in flames as Mike Bohn agreed to the Ole Miss series.

Recruiting whispers

With 13 commitments piled up already, it’s leading to speculation in Pac-12 circles whether USC will actually sign everybody.

Clay Helton

Better he barbecue than coach

18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. If a coaching change does happen at the end of the season, then most of those offensive line verbal commitments, will be re-evaluated by a more credible coaching staff, and have to look elsewhere to play.

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    1. Big “Yes” on BBQ’s!
      I like what the new video team is doing with the Helton videos — the addition of a robotic voice track is brilliant…

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  2. Clay is quoted as saying the door is always open for JT to come back. I guess that’s the Helton way, but just once I’d like to see him do the real world way and say don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Daniels took his chances and lost. Now get lost kid.

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    1. I love you, Truman —but something about that video of a drunken Drevno ringing a cowbell tells me we’ll be needing all the QB’s we can get this year….

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      1. gt,
        I wish that we could return to the good old days ….wherein, once Will Ferrell got his pants on, he made funny movies….

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      1. kenwible — do you think Drevno was maybe one half beer from screaming “fight the fuck on, baby!” & jumping from row 43 of the coli onto the field….?

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