Top Receiver Narrows Schools

USC recruiting is going so well it is a little surprising when Troy Franklin of Atherton, Calif., one of the top wide receivers in the nation, does not have the Trojans in is final four.

23 thoughts on “Top Receiver Narrows Schools

    1. I’m sorry Michael but I cannot leave it alone any longer. This scared to compete is the wrong narrative to be “pushing.” Receivers coach are Colbert & Baker ( Harrell 2nd year) & Moron hell—. I’m telling you that ASU is the competition this year and the bottom line is that it will be Daniels or Slovis- PAC 12 MVP. Until USC proves it on the field recruiting will be tough. I have to admit that the new staff is very impressive but Colbert/ Harrell/ Baker were on staff in the worst recruiting year in USC football history. The most important recruiting issue is keeping JT period. You honestly believe that Kedon will play in all 12 games ( I wonder if there’s a line on that) Drevno is really trying & 3-stars is the result. Don’t drink the kool-aid too quickly. I’m sorry but I cannot forget that beating we suffered from IOWA, & you think our offense line play will be better than last year- I hope that Harrell is teaching throwing on the 3rd step back if not this season might be FINKED!

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      1. The truth is that Graham Harrell is not really a great OC, but is a great QB coach. The defensive staff has been able to really sell recruits, but the offensive coaches are still losing all the top prospects, particularly on the offensive line. I’m surprised Jake Garcia is willing to put himself at a school with such a weak offensive line, if Slovis and Daniels keep getting tagged this season, Garcia might decide there are better options.

        Every position coach at USC has to overcome the Helton factor in recruiting. It is like they have to start running the race from a mile behind due to the negative recruiting that can be aimed at Helton.

        How much more punishment does the team have to take on behalf of Helton?

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    2. What can I say boys… You can’t do much with a kid who doesn’t want money and girls…. Lord knows we tried to give it to him… On to the next gangbanger with speed.



    1. Don’t think it’s the competition, you have to compete at those other schools. But probably the depth of the rotation and how many reps he’d get his first and second years.

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      1. Pudly — I’d agree except for the Arizona State choice… he might as well have posted, “Seahawks, 49er’s, Saints….and ARIZONA STATE!”

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      1. Pudly wants training camp moved to orange county, the shit hole that he calls home…right in his backyard



  1. Ironic is being named Troy and not wanting to be a Trojan. I always wonder what makes a top prospect? Is it talent or potential or even hype? He hasn’t played a down this season but he’s a top prospect. Some of these kids are legends in their own mind.

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  2. Arizona State is on the rise, and I can’t blame him for considering the Sun Devils. Herm Edwards will get you into the league, just as he did with Brandon Aiyuk, who was picked before Michael Pittman Jr., and N’Keal Harry the year before.


  3. There are three pass plays that helton/harrell use, the bubble screen, the 8-10 yard out and the hail mary…that’s it.

    Pee Wee football pass plays and route running have more depth and complexity to them.


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