Should USC Offer Season-Ticket Holders A Sabbatical?

For whatever reason, Arizona has been ahead of the curve in dealing with its season-ticket holders.

Here is its policy for fans who have season tickets but worry they might be at risk if they are in a stadium or arena with other fans.

“Season-ticket holders concerned about their well-being could keep their seats for the 2021 football and/or ’21-22 men’s basketball seasons by putting down a minimum 25 percent deposit toward renewal for those campaigns,” according to the Arizona Daily Star.

I know a lot of USC fans who have been taking a sabbatical on season tickets long before the current pandemic. So maybe USC should consider adopting a similar policy. It might keep a few fans who were not going to renew their seats.

8 thoughts on “Should USC Offer Season-Ticket Holders A Sabbatical?

      1. Here’s senileobama’s hero in action today!


  1. What idiot would buy season tickets as long as helton is the head coach after witnessing his 3rd rate coaching and take down of Trojan football?

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    1. I agree. But there are a lot of True Believers still out there that think “this time it’s different”. They just can’t seem to fathom just how far behind the USC program has fallen under Helton.

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