USC Morning Buzz: Weighing Risk Of Moving Top Lineman

If the offensive line is USC’s weak spot, it has a dilemma with its best lineman, Alijah Vera-Tucker.

USC seems ready to move Vera-Tucker to left tackle, which makes sense because Kedon Slovis needs protection. But . . . usually it is better to move someone from the outside to the inside part of the line than vice versa.

So there is a risk in moving Vera-Tucker. He is a safe bet at guard. Tackle is an open question. USC seems to think it is awful at tackle, as it pursues every available grad transfer.

So maybe moving Vera-Tucker is worth the risk. But it isn’t a slam dunk.

  • Former Georgetown basketball player Mac McClung will announce his college choice today. His final choices are Auburn, Arkansas, BYU, Memphis, Texas Tech, USC and Wake Forest.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Weighing Risk Of Moving Top Lineman

  1. Speaking of offensive lineman, why is everybody getting so excited over the recent three star commitments, when they already have a roster full of them, and the line is still WEAK ? Is it because Todd Orlando is teaching Tim Drevno how to shout at the players during practice? Hmmm 🤔 😂😂

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    1. I was going to slam your post. But I looked up the recruiting class for 2021 offensive linemen and out of 53 four and five star recruits, 25 are still not firmly committed. Of those, I see that SC is heavily recruiting 4. 247 stats.
      Maybe we do have a lineman recruiting problem.

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  2. I hate that picture of Slovis getting body slammed. The player (Leki Fotu) was as dirty a cheap shot artist as there was in all of college football last season. And when the dirty player is a 330+ pound monster who uses every pound of his weight as a weapon, it’s a pretty dangerous thing.

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    1. You can probably thank Coach Willingfuck personally for that body slam. Before each of the last 3 USC games he’s talked openly about how soft USC is…. and how we won’t hold up in a no holds barred street fight. [And you can definitely thank Coach Clay (I-like-to-get-fucked) Helton for giving Utah that impression]……

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    2. What are you talking about Pedro??!! That is a picture perfect sack… maybe if southern cal like blocked a little and Slovis could run a little Slovis won’t get Anthony BarrED so often…Stop your crying and get me my carne asada papas fritas!



      1. Ted…..My main man!
        Remember this my man.
        We lost to 5……other teams that season also.
        We were 6-6.
        Yes Barr can run and hit someone very hard when he’s allowed to do it for free like that play.
        Well done.
        He smashed Barkley.
        But we’re not sweating that loss as much as a Bruin might think because UCLA still had to move out when they were evicted and thrown out of the Rose Bowl locker rooms (Like Clockwork) again for some other Pac 12 team to move in for the Granddaddy.


  3. Perhaps the offensive line would be better coached by the defensive coaches. After all the defensive coach’s job is to teach the defensive linemen to get past the offensive linemen. If the offense knew how the defense works they might be better at stopping the defense. So let’s switch coaches across the lines once in a while.

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    1. Better yet, Truman —– let’s keep our d-line coaches where they are and dump Clay’s burned out pal Drevno….


  4. On any given year since 2010 the Boise St. offensive lines have been far and away better than USC’s and the Broncos don’t get any high profile or nationally recognized star recruits.


    1. Some coaches have an eye for talent, and know how to develop players, while some are just clueless, and should be selling ice cream bars from a truck, because they’re just a dumb ass . (Bozo Helton) 🤓

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      1. Very cruel remark, fan boy. How long do you think Clay’s daily ice cream supply would last on L. A. streets? [“Oh, Mister Ice Cream Man? Could you leave your truck for a minute and come see this 4 headed squirrel?”]…….

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