JT Daniels Announces He Will Transfer To Georgia

JT Daniels made it official this afternoon he will transfer to Georgia.

He will need a waiver to be eligible next season.

Again, will he adapt to getting hit by SEC linemen? He will have to win the starting job first, of course.

What happens if he doesn’t get a waiver? Would he consider returning to USC? Clay Helton will obviously welcome him back.

And as I wrote this morning, Georgia has no shortage of quarterbacks.

I sense this will be a “saga” the next few years, hopefully in Georgia.


11 thoughts on “JT Daniels Announces He Will Transfer To Georgia

  1. Barring injury he probably would not have started until his redshirt senior year anyway and by that time there could be a new hotshot OC quarterback everyone is drooling over to start immediately.

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  2. i wish the kid well. can’t feel good for someone with an sc tattoo to have a ledger of 0-for-2 against irish and b-ruin. but, i lay that on helton more than anyone else. and, i do hope he reaches his potential someday.

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    1. Ditto on good wishes for Daniels. Since he had ACL reconstruction in late October, he may not even be physically ready to play this season. The risk of re-rupture drops enormously if the player waits a full year to return.

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    1. ^ THIS!!!! though, my one question is whether j.t. could have done more to carrry himself in a way that would have been worthy of being a team captain. i’ve never paid much attention to that sort of thing to know if that would have even been possible as a sophomore.

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  3. JT Daniels has essentially become the next Mitch Mustain, except most people actually liked Mustain.


  4. I think that he made the right decision. I think that he will be a 2 year starter at Georgia. J.T. Daniels is an outstanding QB. Hopefully this might convince Miller Moss to come to SC.

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  5. Funny how middle aged blogger thinks there will be problems. JT will be fine in life even without football. If you were a real journalist you’d know it’s a partial crapshoot to have a successful football career for life. Check out the real football blogs for the SEC– they’re very happy for JT.


    1. JT will get a free masters degree out of this. He will be a lifelong member of 2 storied football programs. He will really be able to bring up his game and reputation playing and competing in the SEC. Georgia will have a running game and strong offensive line. Georgia will vie for SEC and CFB championships.. He gets a fresh start in an open QB competition. Helton will be gone in 2021 so no continuity.


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