Some Lingering Questions On JT Daniels

A few loose ends on JT Daniels.

He will be part of a pro-style, play-action offense, which helps him. But one hit in an SEC game could be traumatic if Fresno State sidelined him for a year.

Is it interesting that Daniels enjoyed being part of two QB competitions at USC that were pretty much rigged by Clay Helton but left when the roles got reversed?

When does his father move to Athens, Ga., since he said it helps in college for a QB to have his father nearby?

Will his biggest cheerleaders have a change of heart? No. Especially Helton.

Georgia has a commitment from the No. 1 QB in the Class of 2021, Brock Vandagriff.

Lastly, when does the USC tattoo get removed?

25 thoughts on “Some Lingering Questions On JT Daniels

      1. How about…Daniels sucked. Still does.

        Did you happen to see the ducks he was throwing against the bRuins?


      2. It’s so creepy. I haven’t been here in a while and wanted to see what creepy deluded fan boy would say. He actually made up something not based on fact and posted it. This is all because he tried meeting JT several times in high school and JT got stranger danger and brushed him off.

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  1. I’ve watched Brock Vandagriff a lot, he’s not #1 Qb no matter what the hype is. And JT is a very good Qb, as good as most but not all the hype, especially when it’s about operating in a pro-style system where his best attribute, his mind and decision making are in play. If he gets more serious about taking care of his body and being a leader, I say Brock is going to be on the bench.

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    1. Pudly —So far, so good. But what is Matthew getting outta this? It’s been so long —I forgot what relief he’s requesting.
      btw, Now that everybody has calmed down —and by everybody I’m referring to all here whom I consider brothers— I hope we can say “nice fight –everybody landed punches” —-and get back to friendly sports disagreements.

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      1. I like Arturo. I think he’s a good guy and I really hope he reconsiders his decision to leave the blog. That said, he got dragged into a fight that got uglier and uglier —and I don’t think he was really listening to what gt was saying (i. e., nothing good comes from street violence in the aftermath of police misconduct —this idiot officer is gonna be charged and convicted w/o innocent more people getting hurt in the process).

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      2. Sure do, gt. My dad was Director of L. A.’s Urban Renewal Agency at the time — he knew it was going to take a decade to rebuild what was lost…..

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    1. I might be mistaken —but I think Georgia lost their very fine offensive coordinator, James Coley. I seem to remember reading that their offense is now being run by the completely mediocre Todd Monken. If that’s right, Daniels BETTER bring his 3 pass playbook with him….

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  2. JT Daniels, and his family are still sniffing his high school headlines, and somebody in their camp needs to wake them up. The competition at Georgia will be much more competitive then at a mediocre program like USC, so once again, Daniels can be buried on the bench. He should’ve considered a Mountain West Conference team, because the competition talent level better suits him. So don’t be surprised if he transfers AGAIN!


  3. This seems like a really poor decision for JT, but I wonder what it means for USC? Helton and JT are close, could it be that this is a result of Helton essentially becoming a figurehead with no power? Maybe Helton has expressed doubts about whether his position is secure. Seems to me that JT figures that Harrell just doesnt want to play him. I think that Harrell has always seen JT’s core problem – he doesnt have quick read ability.


  4. A few loose ends, or a few last shots?

    C’mon Wolf — give the dude a break. We all would counsel JTD to move on if he wanted a shot at playing time.

    You should be more concerned about how a potential program saver QB like Slovis fell into Helton’s lap when nobody was giving Slovis a serious look.


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