If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Who is the happiest player at USC today?

You might say the star receivers or the Heisman-hyped quarterback. Maybe one of the returning tailbacks or highly regarded safeties?

But I think it might be QB Matt Fink.

He is the second-string QB on a pass-happy team with a leaky offensive line. Fink might be starting Game 2 this season if USC actually plays Alabama.

A year ago, he had JT Daniels, Jack Sears and Kedon Slovis to compete against and almost went to Illinois.

Now he wonders when he will start, which probably will happen considering Slovis got hurt in four games last season. Fink has no pressure on him. And the coaches will need to give him a lot of leeway.

If Fink does start, it’s unlikely he will be replaced by Vanderbilt walk-on Mo Hasan. Fink’s got a pretty good job. Clay Helton has to support him because he has no other options.

  • Here are the quarterbacks at Georgia since 2017: Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, Justin Fields, Jamie Newman, Brock Vandagriff (No. 1 ranked QB in 2021) and JT Daniels.

Whatever else one thinks, it looks like you need to compete at Georgia.

  • Petros Papadakis weighed in on JT Daniels on Thursday: “The thing about Daniels going to UGA is he would have to face real competition and will have to win that job… HONESTLY. This was a QB that was so recruited, Clay Helton nearly built a shrine to him before he was even in the uniform.”

Full segment here.

  • USC forward Onyeka Okongwu is a top-five pick in some mock drafts. One day, USC fans are going to wonder why the Trojans weren’t better during his lone season?

And now some history:

  • Former USC offensive lineman Otis Page was asked in 1977 the funniest thing ever saw on a football field?

“Watching Coach (John) Robinson get run over when he fell down leading us out of the tunnel at the UCLA game,” Page said. “I really respect him for handling the situation so well, because I’m afraid some day it will happen to me.”

Page aspired to be a stand-up comedian but said he didn’t look funny enough. He was also 6-foot-6, 270 pounds.

“I’d like to be a comedian, but I don’t look funny enough,” Page said. “All the good comedians are funny looking. Like (Jimmie) J.J. Walker, he has a nose like an elbow. I don’t even have a nose. I had to grow this mustache just so you could tell I have a nose.”

Page might be the only USC player who grew up in Maine.

  • Steve Sogge was the quarterback of the 1967 USC national championship team. He also played baseball and in 1970 was the catcher for the Class AAA Spokane Indians.

Who else was on the team?

Bobby Valentine, Steve Garvey, Bill Buckner, Tommy Hutton, Tom Paciorek, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell, Geoff Zahn, Charlie Hough and Doyle Alexander. The manager was Tom Lasorda.

The Indians were 94-52.

SelecTV ad for 1978-79 USC basketball season featuring Cliff Robinson
  • I was on a ONTV fan myself, but I would have been happy to subscribe to SelecTV in 1978 to watch USC basketball: Cliff Robinson, Purvis Miller, Don Carfino, Steve Smith, Maurice Williams, Dean Jones, Doug Widfeldt, Barry Brooks, Neil Arnold, Leonel Marquetti, Daryl Smith and George Ratkovich.

This was one of my favorite USC basketball teams: The Trojans upset No. 7-ranked Kansas; played No. 1 Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Maryland, Xavier, Houston, Utah in non-conference games.

They also gave had two close losses to No. 4-ranked UCLA and then went to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, losing to DePaul, which advanced to the Final Four and lost to Larry Bird and Indiana State, 76-74.

17 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. After four solid years of running the USC football program, Clay Helton‘s disregard for the offensive line will finally be exposed. Although every team the Trojans played out of conference last season, already did that 😂😂😂


    1. that is the core problem at USC – softness. Just watched an interview with Drevno and you can see why he only gets 3 star athletes. He cant communicate and seems to really not have any ambition to make his players better. Of course, he is stuck with the air raid offense, where you have only 4 plays, so he really doesnt know what to teach his players.

      I really want USC to play Alabama, so Drevno can be exposed and both he and Helton fired immediately after. Make Orlando the interim HC. Then we just need to get rid of Harrell and this simplistic air raid offense.

      The only coach should maybe be retained on the offensive side is Colbert. Maybe.

      This USC offense will do fine against mediocre teams, maybe even put up really big numbers, but it will be exposed against tough teams. If we play a full season, Alabama, Oregon and Notre Dame are going to knock the heck out of our QB. The receiver group we have is insane and our running back group is also special, but Harrell/Helton dont have a decent offensive scheme and will continue to be mediocre.

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      1. A person whose opinion I respect on this blog said it’s important for USC to line up against [and, presumably, beat] the team that humiliated us, 52-6, in 2016. I agree with that guy. But Helton & Drevno owe it to this team to have them ready. Specifically that means getting our mediocre o-line so jacked up for the Alabama game that they play over their heads on September 5th. We are NOT in Alabama’s league on either side of the line —but that doesn’t mean the players can’t rise to the occasion for one big game —and make a statement that carries us through the rest of the season…

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      2. Game T.V. – excellent post very insightful. My friend Michael- I am afraid that all of your common sense has evaporated. I believe in your realm I’d ask the judge for a mental evaluation on your behalf. Did you actually post that Drevno & Moron could motivate for one game and have them ready for Alabama. “ ARE YOU Kidding? Do you remember 5 months ago when all the critics were trying to rid themselves of the worst coach in usc history and the Moron head coach could have subsided the anger with a win against Iowa- How did that work out? By the beginning of the 4th quarter the Alabama coaching staff will be wondering what their post game meal will be. Sark will eat Todd Orlando for lunch, and Saban will take care of Mr. Harrell. Michael I am truly concerned!

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      3. NFL coaches, and scouts said offensive lineman don’t develop in air raid college offenses. Is a matter of fact, Tampa Bay’s head coach, Bruce Airians mentioned that in an interview recently. So unless a player has some type of incredible athletic ability, then they should ignore a program like USC, and they have. Don’t you just love that imbecile, Clay Helton, because he’s smarter then everyone else? 😂


  2. Good article…how about an article on the years when Rudometkin played,they even went to ncaa , the yrs Ohio st had a couple great future nba stars…

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  3. Didn’t Lofa Tatupu prep somewhere in Maine? And maybe college too before transferring to USC?



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    1. Good memory! Tatupu spent his freshman year of college at the University of Maine before transferring to the University of Southern California.

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  4. “or the Heisman-hyped quarterback”…LOL!

    What idiot is hyping that girl Slovis for the Heisman?

    Come on Mr. Wolf…now you’re just talking crazy!


  5. Matt Fink is somewhat terrible, mediocre at best. Has anyone seen Mo Hassan play? Is Fink really the best option at back-up?

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    1. Fink is a great kid and a talented athlete —but he’s not a QB. There isn’t one team on our schedule that can’t defend against him [if they know in advance he’s the guy pulling the trigger —and don’t get surprised the way Utah did]……

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  6. I played on the 1967 National Championship Team.. Toby Page was the QB!!
    Sogge was the QB on the 1968 team!
    We lost the National Championship to Ohio State in the 1969 Rose Bowl. OJ’s last game!
    We should have won it!

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    1. Sorry for political post but here is the kaboom:

      As a result of tragic and unacceptable Floyd incident in Minneapolis, Amy K. and Kamala H. will not get VP nomination due to past state prosecutor roles in Minnesota and California. This opens door for Stacey Abrams. Trump’s reelection looking more certain now.


    2. That 1969 Rose Bowl game had an Ohio State team loaded on the line. I believe they had two All-American offensive tackles. And a hot-shot sophomore quarterback. SC did get off to a 10-0 lead thanks to Simpson’s 80-yard run, but after that Trojan surge it was the Buckeyes the rest of the way. That may have been the best Ohio State team I ever saw, and they have had good ones. Troy was not too shabby either.


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