USC Picture Of The Day

Quick, name the USC quarterback.

The late 90’s get a lot of stick because of Paul Hackett but the players worked hard and had some good moments. Here’s quarterback Mike Van Raaphorst, who in 1999 set the then-USC single-game passing yardage (415 yards) record.

9 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. Thank God you cleared that up. I thought I was losing my mind. I had a “Never heard of the guy” moment.. I remember the era because my posts were on the opinion page of the LA Times where I called the coach Paul Can’t Hackett. But nightmares fade as time goes by. Someday the nightmare who is called Helton will end too.

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      1. Chuck – it does take some balls to out Trump after he put your “Queen” to bed in 2016. You were so disturbed you didn’t post here for over six months. You were so confident and so fucking wrong. I still get the chuckles thinking about you and Owns losing to MAGA. Looking forward to laughing again this Fall.

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    2. And the 415 yards came in a loss to Stanford. Quite a bit of talent on that team with Chad Morton, Sultan, Kareem Kelly, R.J. Soward, Kris Richard, Troy Polomalu, Marcus Steele,…Ed O was O-line coach…just goes to show the importance of the HC…

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  1. Mike Van Raaphorst was so bad, my buddies started calling him –

    – Mike Van “Crap”horst.

    Dude just never had the arm. And with Carson and his rocket arm waiting on the bench we all knew it was only a matter of time before Carson took over.

    But Paul Hackett just took a long, long time to see that and make the change.


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  2. Linkster, you are the total jerk. Trump has really made America Great
    Again with all these riots. How can someone like you be such an
    ignoramus . Smarts are not your forte for sure.


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