USC Wishes It Were Utah In One Dept.

Here’s a mouth-watering stat for the USC athletic dept: Utah football’s season-ticket renewal rate is 94 percent with a waiting list in the thousands. During a pandemic.

I bet USC would be happy with a 75 percent renewal rate right now.

15 thoughts on “USC Wishes It Were Utah In One Dept.

    1. Hilarious, and on point! That why I laugh at the clowns who comment on Scott Wolf’s column , and arguing otherwise 😂😂. Clay Helton really is as dumb as he looks without his hat 🧢


  1. Most fans cheer for their college teams, because they’d like to see them make a run at some type of championship. But anybody that knows anything about football, knows USC only has a chance at a second tier bowl game, if that. So why invest your hard earned money into false hope ? 🤔. Like it or not, the Trojans are a Mountain West Conference level team . That’s what the golden boy, Clay Helton, has assembled over 48 months, and four recruiting classes 😂😂


  2. If you check ebay and other ticket reselling outlet you find season ticket holders are dumping their tickets. The person who called me last season told me to buy the whole package and dump the undesirable games to pay the whole thing. But the reason to buy the package was to keep my seniority with season tickets because Helton wasn’t going to last the season.
    Fortunately for me that sales pitch fell on skeptical ears. Just looking at the ways USC has tried to kill the football program over the past decade, made me clairvoyant enough to know that the program is not on an upward trajectory. I will breath a sigh of relief when the Helton era ends. People giving Helton a pass for injury riddled years fail to see that injury prevention is his job also. He has yet to be a head coach in every area except pablum and cliche spewing. “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

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    1. Boosters/Donors offered to buy out helton’s contract and pay Urban Meyer’s contract if they hired him and USC was having none of it.


  3. Listen to this idiot Brandon Sosna, Bohn’s “chief of staff”, he doesn’t sound as if he’s into USC at all.

    Another asshole only in it for a check.

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    1. “We’re gonna take our guidance from the Pac 12 and Larry Scott, we’re gonna take our guidance from the Mayor and the State…..”

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      1. gt –Is that the worst written article you’ve ever read or what? I’m going to interpret it as just saying “UCLA bad again”……

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      2. I have to be SO careful of what I say about LAUSD, gt — so many people I love and care about work within that system…..

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  4. Yeah the Trojans aren’t doing too well selling tickets, but Utah is in Salt Lake City, the biggest dump town in the West. What else do you do, go listen to the Mormon choir?

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