USC Morning Buzz: Who Tells Fans No Admittance To Games?

I’ve focused a lot on USC fans who gave up their season tickets the past two seasons.

But there could be an overlooked constituency that goes ballistic in the fall: The fans who don’t get to go to games.

If USC plays in a stadium that is half empty (or more), someone will be denied access. Once you get past the student section and Scholarship Club members, you might have to actually tell someone who actually goes to games, “No.”

I’m sure a lot of people reading this will insist USC doesn’t have 20,000 fans who want to go to games.

But I have some sympathy for the athletic dept. types who might deal with irate fans denied admittance to a game. Ron Orr generally dealt with unsatisfied boosters but he was fired in January. Who gets that unenviable task now?

Maybe a hype video on why everyone cannot attend home games will solve everything.

  • The USC band has elected Jake Mequet as its new drum major. He replaces India Anderson, who was the first female drum major.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Who Tells Fans No Admittance To Games?

      1. LOL!


    1. In other news… According to sources trOJan QB Slovis woke up from a nightmare in his girl friend’s apartment screaming “Anthony Barr is coming!” and “I hear footsteps!” His girlfriend had to get him a burrito from the hot burrito box to calm him down and they both got on their knees to pray for the cancellation of the football season.

      #witness #glassQB #Ihearfootsteps #IseeAthonyBarr


      1. senileobama’s two favorite people:

        Jeffrey Epstein and BJ Clinton:


  1. Or tell tone deaf clay that no one gives a rats ass about how he cooks a tomahawk ribeye while the economy goes in the tank?

    Nothing less inspiring than watching an underqualified, overpaid buffoon wearing croc sandals wax on about garlic butter.


    1. Boom 💥 He should learn how to clean his grill before he shoots a video, that nobody cares about . #dirtydufus 🤓


  2. Season ticket purchases were tanking long before coronavirus even became a thing.

    USC would have been lucky to draw 35,000 with that incompetent fool Helton still coaching the team.

    Trust me, there won’t be any fans clamoring to get into the Coliseum to see that fool wasting talent and screwing up another season.


  3. Don’t believe the hype! USC by all rights should have lost the game vs Colorado last season. Slovis had some horrendous throws


    1. For all those drinking the “Slovis Statistical Kool-Aid” and comparing him to Burrow (here’s looking at you R.O.T.), a reminder that numbers & stats are a measurement of what’s happened (past tense) in a vacuum. They are not a predictor of the future, nor a measure of the fight in a man. Watch Joe B take on a linebacker in this drill and ask yourself if you can see Slovis doing the same. Not saying Slovis doesn’t have this level of dog in him, just saying there’s a lot more that goes into winning than what some folks tapping out mindless junk from an air-conditioned room know to report.


  4. So if the CFB season is a go Oregon would open their season vs FCS powerhouse North Dakota St. I love the offense that the Bison run, a lot of misdirection, their use of the dual threat QB is exceptional. Their deep ball passing game is scary good.

    Has all the makings of an upset. Probably the best run offense in all of college football.

    For the record, the Bison have beaten some good FBS teams, Kansas St. a few years back and a good Iowa team in 2016

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      1. When NDSU beat Iowa in 2016, Iowa went onto beat a #2 ranked Michigan team late in the year.

        Bozo would have gotten shredded against the Bison’s


    1. Old news Pops 😂😂😂. Are you still trying to scoop SW ? The next thing you know, you’ll be crying because your post was removed 😢😢😢


  5. I’d say I’ll do my part, but I haven’t been able to convince anyone in the family to attend a game since Swanny brought back clueless Clay a few years ago. We did go to Arizona for a game a while back. I hate not having season tickets, but I also hate the hassle of getting to a game so I can watch the keystone cops version of Clay’s Clowns. So this year I’ll take a hit and once again say, “wait til next year”

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