USC Morning Buzz: Blame Tom Herman For Everything

Whenever Clay Helton would get criticized, it would not be unusual to find some defender respond with “you wanted Tom Herman and look at how bad he’s been at Texas!”

The interesting part of that claim is USC hired defensive coordinator Todd Orlando and safeties coach Craig Naivar, who were fired by Herman, and many fans respond with “USC now has the right coaches to win.”

Does this make sense? Of course, these fans will say it does, because it’s all Herman’s fault!

That’s how it works with some people.

38 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Blame Tom Herman For Everything

  1. Tom Herman will run circles around Clay Helton, are you kidding me ? At least he proved himself, and built a credible resume of success before Texas hired him. What the hell did that clown Helton’s resume look like before USC made him the head coach ? 😂😂😂 And If Todd Orlando was such a great coach, then he’d still be running the Longhorns defense. The only reason why he’s a coordinator now, is because Helton’s Puppeteer, Mike Bohn who’s not even a coach, hired him 😂😂😂.

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      1. We have a Trojan sports site, and what do we get? A photo of Hitler? WTF? No one here is interested in this. No one.

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      2. The goofball useful idiots just start calling people Nazi’s or racists. That’s how they get the last word in. Why respond to that playbook?

        9 unarmed blacks killed by cops last year. 7,500 blacks killed by gunfire by other blacks last year. So how about we start a race war over one.

        The antifa soy boys mingle into the demonstration & create chaos. They ain’t so tough when they get hit back. They confront & a couple circle around behind & coldcock a person. Pretty chickenshit to me. Ever notice how it all seems to be happening in democrat strongholds & is allowed to happen? No significant prosecutions. They don’t pull this crap in OC.

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    1. Winner, winner, chicken is for dinner Fan B. We all know Clay loves to pump Clay. Each and every chance he gets it’s spin city with the truth. Example: Clay likes to say he’s been around lots & lots of winning since joining Trojan Staff. If by “winning” he means “underachieving”, then I might agree. Shamelessly stretching the truth must run in the fam.. ck out Tyson Helton’s bio at WKE. I didn’t know this, but apparently Tyson is the reason Sam Darnold was/is Sam Darnold. Taught him everything he knows.

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    2. “ More than 70 football players, comprising a mix of races, have left UCLA with remaining eligibility since Kelly’s arrival at the school. Many transferred while some medically retired and a handful turned professional, among other reasons for the departures.”


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    1. Tebow –

      With all due respect, I have some sobering news for you. Trump will win in a landslide that will be larger than Reagan over Mondale.

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      1. Nope. Too many people have come to age the past 3 1/2 years. More to come in Nov. Even loopy Biden will beat him. Guaranteed,

        It’s why he’s so desperate right now.


      2. Nope, you Democrats murder your babies. The Roe Effect is producing more conservatives. That’s why you Peaceful Moderate Democrats are rioting.

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      3. He may win (through the electoral college as a result of Republican gerrymandering) but it won’t be in a landslide and he’ll lose the popular vote even bigger this time around. Stop deluding yourself. He’s a cancer on democracy. You should feel ashamed for supporting that racist, authoritarian fool.


      4. gt –Isn’t it obvious that Trump (who did just fine with the liberal press until he beat Hillary) changed the composition of the electoral college when he was pretending to be “golfing”? …

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      5. I’m just going to own up to this and say I wasn’t thinking straight when I hastily replied with my electoral college/gerrymandering comment. Electors have nothing to do with the number of congressional districts in each state. I know this–my bad. (Of course it’s still a major issue and likely has exacerbated the partisan divide in this country.)

        My other comments about Trump stand.

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  2. Orlando was the only thing good on the coaching staff at UT. Herman melted down after barely losing to LSU. Herman saw at the tail end people, not experts, people like you… were seeking blood and saw the D struggle through injuries late. Herman with no shame let Orlando go because Texas could not fire Herman. Orlando is the best option we had and he’s always produced in his first two years. Anything past two years is never guaranteed in CFB except Saban.

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  3. Omarstringer and Oaktown Trojan you have it correct in respect to Trump.

    Why these other fools can defend him is beyond my comprehension of

    common sense. They must live in their own twisted world.


      1. He’s been stalking Scott Wolf for the last 15 years. He’s one sick libtard and he floods this site with sock puppets like senileobama and Gargamel.

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  4. Oaktown Trojan –

    FYI, America isn’t a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic. Do yourself a favor and look it up.

    Who’s really the fool?

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  5. here mr. looter let me help you put your clothes and tv in your car. Las Vegas police officer took bullet in head last night and is on life support. Lets be compassionate.MAGA!!!

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    1. I’m no crybaby (far from it) but I got a tear in my eye when I heard that George Floyd cried out for his (deceased) mama before he died. Can’t believe that officer hasn’t been charged with first degree murder. However, like you, I’m getting pretty sick of the highly selective “compassion” of the the dems and most major media outlets. The fact they won’t tell the truth about what’s going on in OUR streets suggests, to a greater or lesser degree, they’re in on it.
      I might add that it makes be sick to see the president of USC spouting aphorisms at a time like this.

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      1. Sounds like second or third degree murder is a just punishment.
        “I’m no lawyer,” but doesn’t first degree require premeditation?
        Irrespective, the cop will not have a good go of it in prison, will he?

        During the present protests and mayhem, so far, I count close to a dozen peace officers in hospitals with life-threatening injuries, one death of a police officer, and now a police officer with a bullet in his head (usually a very bad outcome in my years as a surgeon).
        Are the deaths of innocent police officers justified due to the heinous murder of Mr Floyd?

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      2. Bourbon– Any experienced prosecutor could prove the requisite intent for first degree murder. 9 minutes of torture resulted in death.
        As for the rhetorical question you pose in paragraph #3 —- we all know (or should know) that, although all kinds of clever defenses are being mounted, theft, vandalism and murder are not the answer….


  6. T-blow
    I can’t believe You found that clip. Good on ya. Our programming will now resort to our regular schedule.
    I’m going to shed a tear in November for you.


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  7. Just speaking on my own behalf of course.
    I have named three coaches that I have wanted or either strongly felt we were going to get.

    -John Harbaugh
    (Not his brother Jim who tries to stay the night at a potential recruits house. That’s not weird at all. That’s totally normal)
    Damn i really hoped he had enough of the NFL.

    -Dave Aranda
    It would be his first time as a head coach but with his track record as a defensive coordinator and seeing that he grew up in Redlands i would bet he have a more successful coaching career at USC then the guys hired before him after Pete. Also….AGAIN….Clay Helton never even interviewed him after we got served by his defense in the Holiday Bowl.

    -Urban Meyer
    No explanation needed for this one.
    We would all be talking about if we got tickets for the Alabama game or not right now but……


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