What Is A Significant Booster?

USC dealt swiftly with Marla Brown yesterday by revoking her season tickets and Trojan Athletic Fund membership.

It was interesting, however, how some reports made her out to be a significant booster. You can join the TAF for $200. I don’t know how much Brown gave but my definition of significant is a little different.

Wayne Hughes ($400-450 million) is a significant donor. Brian Kennedy $5-10 million is a significant donor. I don’t think Marla Brown is a significant donor.

  • On the other hand, USC has put out around six statements . . .

15 thoughts on “What Is A Significant Booster?

  1. Watch Korey Foreman get owned and tossed around like a rag doll.

    No wonder Clemson didn’t bother trying to convince him to stay.

    The supposed #1 ranked recruit in the nation got completely manhandled and embarrassed…WOW!



    1. Wayne Hughes ($400-450 million), Brian Kennedy $5-10 million are cheap bastards… 460 million would only buy 4 to 5 WRs… I am the only significant doner at USC! How do you think we get all these top recruits with the sorry as group or fans and coaches??!!

      #DoyouknowhowrichIam? #I’mrichbiatch

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    2. Like

  2. Hope I’m wrong, but the definition of a Significant Booster may be “An Individual who, after making a Statement like Marla Brown, still has their TAF Membership and Season Tickets”

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  3. The fact that Max Nikias is still affiliated to USC speaks volumes about the character of the board of trustees, and the administration. So cutting ties with a $200 dollar donor, is like putting a band aid on a wound that requires 200 stitches 😂


    1. You’ve maybe got your signals crossed on this one. Yes, Max is the guy who presided over a decadent, look-the-other-way-til-you-get-caught administration —but he’s also probably in complete sympathy with Folt & Bohn…and you… politically. So are you upset with him or not? Which set of values do you want applied today?
      #Mike Bohn: “I’m just a figurehead. Band aids are all they’ll trust me with.”

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    2. Nakias did nothing about a guy under him that abused 300 women but he’s still here and still has significant influence on this campus even though a number of those women complained. They say that Urban Meyer did nothing when one person on his staff abused his own wife even though the wife never complained or separated(she is still married to him today). Yet they are really blackballing him from the USC football coaching job. Nothing they do on the college campus’s makes any sense.

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    1. Ha! [In a great Italian film called “The Organizer”, an incompetent administrator tells his boss not to pay the workers any more money since “they can get charity” —-his boss tells him, “charity is what I pay you”]….
      #Helton:USC’s#1 CharityCase

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  4. I still say what I said before. You have an anti-white professor at SC by the name of Charles H.F. Davis who said that “whiteness must be, by any and all means, destroyed”. Why is he still teaching there? It just goes to show you, it’s not just that we are going to lose our freedom of speech in this country….we’ve already lost it for the most part. You will say the politically correct thing to say, even if it is wrong and you won’t say the politically incorrect thing to say, even if it is right.
    Wake up America!

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    1. Can you give me a racist quote by Trump. It strikes funny that when Joe Scarborough, who was best friends with Trump for many years until they had a parting of their ways, was asked if he ever heard Trump(in private) say anything racist when they were great friends………his answer was “NO!”. I’m giving you a quote by this professor. Can you give me a quote by Trump?

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