Former USC Lineman Tom Cox Dies

Tom Cox, a two-year starter at center for USC in the mid-1980’s, died two weeks ago from complications related to cancer, according to several ex-teammates.

Cox lettered and started at USC in 1984-85 and was with the Los Angeles Rams in 1987. He was a member of the USC 1985 Rose Bowl championship team.

Cox played at Xenia High School in Ohio. You can hear Cox discuss his USC career here.

26 thoughts on “Former USC Lineman Tom Cox Dies

  1. Loved Tom’s comments about Coach Marv Goux…. Helton should listen to the part about “tough love” —maybe he could learn something… then again….

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      1. SUCCX FB first, player heath second, third, fourth, etc.

        Sorry to hear of this young man’s premature death – my sincere condolences to his family.

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      2. Solid, disciplined, hard-working lineman.
        Joined us during the probation years.
        I believe he was recruited by the great OL coach, Hudson Houck*–which says alot.
        Thankfully, he started in the two post-probation years and enjoyed a great Rose Bowl victory 1/1/1985.

        Condolences to the family. I’ll be rooting for Mr Chandler Cox this season.
        Rest in peace, Tom.

        *Coach HH departed after 1982 with JR for the Rams. I believe Dave Wannsteadt replaced him.

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    1. Hope we get to hear that song 40 or 50 times during the Notre Dame game……

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  2. The QB on that USC Rose Bowl team was Aviation High School’s own…Tim Green.

    The Aviation High School Falcon’s had thr best looking school colors and uniforms in the South Bay…Orange and Black.

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    1. Preview of the Alabama game!
      #DifferentHeadCoach…. ButSameAttitude,SameKillerInstinct….

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      1. The new USC coaches have to insist that helton stop coddling the players with the soft pillow fight practices otherwise the Trojans are going to get clobbered again.

        USC has the talent for the game to be a tossup, especially seeing how the Alabama projected starter at QB, Mike Jones is a drop back passer and no threat to run, he’s one dimensional.

        Dual threat QB’s give USC fits

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    2. Tim was a fantastic USC QB.
      He had a great JUCO career prior to coming to the Trojans.
      Great competitor and great leader.
      He would scramble and head butt linebackers as he tried to earn the first-down line.
      He didn’t slide or sneak out of bounds.
      Took command of the huddle.
      Great mechanics as a lefty QB and threw an absolute tight BULLET.

      Tollner failed to recruit much in the way of WR’s during that spell, and our passing game suffered as a result. Tim never got to really flourish.

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  3. Wait just a minute Tebow, I’m betting the Alabama O/L will protect its QB
    better than the bozo O/L will protect what’s his name.

    Chances are Mr. Fink (“Can’t catch me”) will get extended chances to showcase his running skills.


    1. Sorry, I thought this was about the ruins again…my mistake.

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      1. Not likely to happen at UCLA or SUCCX. Every bozo administrator on down to EVS, remembers H. Rap Brown’s greatest quote: “Burn baby burn.” And it did!

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      2. Another “Oops” moment at the school across town…

        Who’s responsible??


    2. If Harrell wises up and starts rolling Slovis out on some bootlegs he might be alright.

      The underneath passes aren’t going to work, Tide linebackers are too fast and they’ll tee off all day long. Alabama plays a two deep safety so its going to be hard to throw deep. Got to roll Slovis out and hope they can find some holes in between the linebackers and secondary.

      Alabama won’t respect USC’s run game and rightfully so, but Stepp could provide a boost with his physicality, that’s if he gets enough touches.

      Kenan Christon would be great to use on some screen plays with his speed.

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      1. Nitwit poster “S” just got owned…LOL!

        You fuck with the bull you get the horns.


      1. Aviation had some really good football and baseball teams.

        Their football and baseball field were shit though. Their baseball field was almost as bad as Bishop Montgomery’s gopher hole ridden field. That place was a nightmare to play at while trying to field a ground ball…Geezus!

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