USC Picture Of The Night

In our next installment of players from the Paul Hackett era, here’s wide receiver Billy Miller going for a pass against Cal cornerback Deltha O’Neal.

9 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

    1. I thought he would have had a better playing career while at SC since he was Keyshawn Johnson’s cousin but now I can’t remember if he even was a starter. I think he played a lot but just never got to the level of a playmaker for us if I remember correctly.

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  1. Is there a secret message underlying this picture?

    Deltha O’Neal is considered one of the greatest DB’s in Pac – 10 history. And Billy Miller, if I remember correctly, had all the physical gifts except a pair of hands to hold on to a pass.

    Dude couldn’t hold on to the easy pass if you told all of the defenders to not move. He would make an occasional athletic catch here and there but the easy pass always eluded him.

    I heard he was known as the Steve Sax of USC wide receivers.



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  2. Hey Blogger,

    If you want to delve into the Paul Hackett era, how about the recruiting rankings for his years compared to Clay Helton?




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  3. Or, if we’re going to look at the Paul Hackett era, how about some stories about his DL coach while Hackett was HC?


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