USC Announces Plans For School Year

USC announced it plans to hold an in-person fall semester that begins on Aug. 17, a week earlier than scheduled. The semester will end at Thanksgiving break, which is about two weeks earlier than normal.

The move is obviously a good step forward for football.

All on-campus facilities will be reconfigured to help students/faculty follow physical-distancing guidelines.

USC will require face coverings on campus. Some classes will have online and in-person modalities. Most in-person classes will also have an online component to allow for students or faculty to stay away from campus, if necessary.

UPDATED: Here is a comment in Carol Folt’s letter to the university:

“I know many of you have been waiting to hear about our plans for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. We all are eager to return to campus life this fall and committed to making this decision with a great deal of care and planning.”

UPDATED II: USC has not addressed housing issues yet for the fall semester.

14 thoughts on “USC Announces Plans For School Year

    1. I would gladly tell the entire group of guys who come hear “I guess I was wrong about the guy?”
      Referring to Clay Helton if we beat Alabama and went on to play some real Trojans football.

      Mike, what do u think will happen?

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      1. Sam — I loved your comment (probably cuz I’ve been thinking the same thing: I will apologize for every bad thing I’ve ever said about goofball Helton— well, most everything —if he has USC ready for Alabama).
        What do I think will happen? I know what I HOPE happens: Helton is ready for Saban to pull his pro style QB and switch to a frosh dual QB in the second quarter if things aren’t going well –so I hope the defense isn’t thrown by the move. I HOPE Slovis gets the ball off quickly to our receivers & backs (even though that shortens the field for the Alabama defense) —cuz, if we move the ball that way at the beginning, we’ll take the swag outta their d-line (like LSU did) and we can switch to plays that take longer to develop (for that to happen, though, will take more than hope —it’ll take a miracle: Drevno would have to find the self he was 10 years ago –the guy who BELIEVED, not the jerk screaming at the top of his lungs like a girl with a cowbell).
        If ALL this falls into place, this 2020 USC team will shock the world on September 5th.

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      2. I like our chances more this time. I can’t really give the reason why.. II think Jackson, Pili, Tufele, Tuipolotu, Murphy and the DLine all together being veterans will keep us in the game showing experience. If we can create turnovers while not giving any away we have a good chance to surprise them because Alabama is Alabama but even the best teams can have a tough time if it’s Game 1.

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      3. “Play some USC football”….A big YES!!!

        To me, it boils down to line play on both sides. There is plenty of talent on the team to compete with anyone. Open holes for Stepp and Christon, protect Slovis, get penetration with the D-line…

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      4. Definitely. Only thing I would add is the Corner acts need to show the jump from potential to playmaker. But well said i agree.

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    1. What if they designed a special helmet that covers the entire face similar to a NASA space helmet but with a football look?
      How bizarre would that be to watch football next season with Slovis dropping back and he looks like Darth Vader?

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      1. Yes —[no more Carol Burnett —Folt is Moranis all the way]…

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