USC Morning Buzz: Bringing Students Back Was Necessary

Is there any surprise USC is having students on campus in the fall?

Safety comes first but from a financial standpoint, it seems impossible that a school the size of USC could offer only online classes for the fall semester. There’s too much money involved.

Would you want to pay $28,000 in tuition for a semester of online teaching? No way.

USC needs students on campus. So it was going to do everything possible to create the proper protocols for the return of students.

This is good for football too because it makes it acceptable to have workouts with students coming back.

  • Meanwhile, here was an odd piece of news Tuesday night:

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Bringing Students Back Was Necessary

  1. With all due respect to the man himself and that which #42 represents I humbly suggest that if hordes of dumbasses didn’t use the cover of righteous protest to go on citywide looting sprees, local law enforcement wouldn’t have needed to use one of the few available spaces on the westside capable of holding a few hundred detainees as a defacto holding tank. Fairly certain whoever made the call on setting up shop at Jackie Robinson Stadium didn’t wake up that day wondering how he could handle the overflow of business AND make a polarizing statement to boot. Just sayin…

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      1. The indigenous people of North America have given Trump a tribal name, they call him “Running Scared with shit in his pants and shit for brains”.


        Look into it…it’s true.

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      2. senileobama was leading the cheers at the Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters rally at Mayor Garcetti’s house yesterday juts like he used to when he was a male cheerleader at Mira Costa High.


        Look into it… it’s true.


  2. Let the hype videos begin !!! 😂😂. But here’s a good piece of advice, wait until after the Alabama game, so you all don’t look so stupid 😂😂😂


    1. PT! Why don’t you just shut your trap and play your bingo and let the priest tickle your pickle??!! Just stay home and listen to Malcolm X.


  3. UCLA doesn’t own Jackie Robinson stadium. It is owned by the government and like their football stadium isn’t even maintained by them. The government actually threatened to kick them off the land which in located on Veterans administration land.
    So this politically correct bull is just fertilizer for the weeds. There is a vast difference between legal protesting and looting/rioting. Legal protests make their case and get their voices heard. Riots and looting are better characterized as vandalism and theft. For those two things you get arrested.
    The police represent the government, the government made the call on staging and UCLA can just piss off.
    BTW they can and would use the coliseum if the need arose. It’s buried in the lease agreement.

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    1. Fact check:

      “On August 30, 2013, a federal judge ruled that the United States Department of Veterans Affairs misused the West Los Angeles campus where the stadium is located for a variety of uses, including the stadium, but stopped short of ordering the tenants off the property.[6] However, the judge’s ruling left open the possibility that, if not modified or reversed, UCLA could lose the right to use the stadium.”


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