USC Adds Wide Receiver Recruit

Wide receiver Michael Jackson of Las Vegas committed to USC this morning.

Jackson also had offers from Texas, Penn State, UCLA, Miami and Tennessee, among others.

USC needs wide receivers because it will lose Tyler Vaughns and probably Amon-Ra St. Brown after the season.

USC has 15 commitments and its recruiting class is ranked No. 3 per Rivals. The Trojans are ranked No. 4 per 247.

25 thoughts on “USC Adds Wide Receiver Recruit

  1. Scott –We love you…but… we’re asking that you use “by” and not “per” in the future.

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      2. More bad new for you, senileobama:

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      3. Yes, that’s right. Anyone who makes fun of the word “per” by saying it sounds like a Swedish boy name —actually likes Swedish boys.

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      4. gt — Rosenstein’s defense: “I just violated all the cannons of prosecutorial discretion by signing off on applications for warrants without verifying their underlying justification, that’s all—what’s the big deal?”….

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    1. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that our people are scientifically maneuvered by the white man into a life of poverty. Because we are forced to live in the poorest sections of the city (i.e. south central LA), we attend inferior schools (i.e. USC). We have inferior teachers and we get an inferior education (Hallmarks of USC). The white power structure downtown makes certain that by the time our people do graduate, we won’t be equipped or qualified for anything but the dirtiest, heaviest, poorest-paying jobs. Jobs that no one else wants.

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      Michael Jackson has no one to blame but himself… at least he will have a job loading hot burrito box after graduation!


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  2. He’s listed at 6’0″ 198. That most likely means he’s 5’10” or 5’11”. His 40 time was 4.67.

    I’m not impressed since we need some playmakers for the offensive side of this class. It seriously looks as if Helton still can’t sell or Keary Colbert is having a tough time also because we’ve missed on WR’s that were higher on the board and while missing we also were lucky to make their list of top5-top7 schools.
    Damn this is a new day when we aren’t loading up at WR.
    It would have been nice to see how Devon Williams would be at this point if Helton didn’t muck that up.
    I don’t want to call out any coaches because I realize it’s not been easy to clean up Heltons mess but we aren’t getting it done with recruiting OT’s, WR’s and TE’s. None of them are impact recruits or highly recruited. At this point that is now the necessary because Helton doesn’t coach them up.

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  3. I just am so far away from this recruiting class due to Helton being there, the virus, the confusion with the team and coaches, and no practice to see what SC needs or who will be good. I cant’ wrap my mind about this class. Yes, SC does need a wr, but is he the best?

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    sha la la la la…


      1. I wouldn’t put it past him, but snowmen aren’t the only things that melt from the inside and falcons aren’t the only things that spiral to the ground. In fact, it could happen to you.


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