USC Picture Of The Night

In our next installment of Hackett-era players, here is wide receiver Windrell Hayes, who caught 55 passes for 720 yards in 1999.

56 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Night

  1. “It doesn’t hurt me
    Do you want to feel how it feels?
    Do you want to know, know that it doesn’t hurt me?
    Do you want to hear about the deal that I’m making?
    You, it’s you and me

    And if I only could
    I’d make a deal with God
    And I’d get him to swap our places
    Be running up that road
    Be running up that hill
    Be running up that building
    See if I only could, oh…”

    “…tell me, we both matter, don’t we?”

    -Kate Bush


    1. “F**k all you all y’all white boys” overheard at the protest march/looting in West Hollywood… He was wearing a USC shirt and cap!



      1. Hear on the westwierd campus over the weekend….” do you think we could have charged more for use of our athletic fields, after all we are bankrupt….” both financially and morally.

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      2. Sorry, for not including this in the earlier post, but as always better late than stupid early…..

        Nice thread from a former player about the football and student athlete culture….maybe y’all otta fix your own damn haouse before you try and rebuild someone else’s. Just sayin

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    2. Millennial Whiner Clay Russell loves the Baby Boomer Era of Music and claims to love USC football when it was played by Baby Boomers , yet wants all Baby Boomers killed? Such a libtard loon..


    1. Fingers crossed that no one who counts on that CVS for Rx medications is in pain or in danger because of the destruction of this pharmacy.

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    2. Snowflake, I can see that you’re a virulent partisan, but the story of your age is not about your party affiliation. The story of your age is how your self-indulgent, short-sighted, consumptive, disaster of a generation corrupted both parties. Look at the world the Boomers hath wrought… You guys took the values and the world order The Greatest Generation left you and you set fire to it all. Your destruction of their legacy is almost complete. You guys stood on the shoulder of giants… and you shitted. Now, towards the end of your run, the shitshow of a choice you leave us with is Trump/Biden & Pelosi/McConnell. Guys, for the love of God, STOP PARTICIPATING! You’ve led us down this cul-de-sac and now we’re supposed to sit here and tear each other apart like you guys do?? F you AND the generation you rode in on. The dance you guys do is tired, sit down. Beyond leaving your estates to them, the best way you can benefit your kids and grandkids is as Soylent Green. Please proceed to Processing immediately.


      1. Clay, some thoughts on your post:

        (1) The shortcomings of the boomer generation: Post-WW2, the U.S and Western Europe inherited the cold war and the very real risk of nuclear obliteration. Cold war ended 20 years ago, and along with that, much less risk of nuclear destruction. We spend much less on defense today because totalitarianism lost. Not nearly as much of a sh*t show as you argue.

        (2) The lives of nearly 2 billion people in China and India are much better off because of some expansion of personal freedoms and economic reform. Today, China has about 25 percent of US per capita income. In the 1970s, the median Chinese household survived on about $2 per day. The expansion of personal and economic freedom has had enormous impact throughout the world during the last 30 years.

        (3) Plenty of blame for what is going on in the last dozen years or so, but I can’t recall another time when the electorate was so poorly informed about the basics. The world is much more complicated now, but everyone has a responsibility to become informed. Until that happens, you will continue to see the political choices that both you and I worry about.

        (4) Stay well, Trojan.

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      2. That’s funny, you assumed your pose as Wise Board Deep Thinker this week and quoted two self-indulgent, short-sighted, consumptive, disaster of a generation Baby Boomers, David Bowie and Kate Bush.


        Look at the world the Boomers Kate Bush and David Bowie hath wrought.

        Did they stand on the shoulder of giants… and sh*t?

        Did they take the values and the world order The Greatest Generation left and set fire to it all?

        Are they leading YOU down a cul-de-sac of Libtard stupidity?


        You really think too highly of yourself. Did you attend failed public schools as a wee lad? Perhaps you weren’t beat up enough as a child.


      3. Michael, I wish it was that easy, but I’m addicted to the drugs you guys have been pumping in my veins my whole life. Tell me I’m completely wrong and there’s no need to be concerned like you always have. I come to you for my fix and you fail me in that too? I need that Boomer speedball. I know you got it…come on baby, tighten me up. Anyway, there’s a dealer on every corner and I’m sure I won’t have to go far to find one. Let’s see…

        P.S Don’t you have a piece of wool you can pull over my eyes? Tell me the one about liberty and justice for all. Please dig me another hole so I can put my head into it. Thanks.


        Good to talk to you again. Be well.


      4. Snowflake…wow.

        I’m not POSING as anything, I’m just here talking about something other than football for a change. With no football and with everything else going on, how could I avoid social and political commentary? I guess you’re just dealing with the fact that I’m capable of writing long and poorly written screeds in regards to more than just football. Obviously, that’s not entirely true.

        Yes, I chose quotes from people of your generation that you could relate to. Good job. I have a lot of Tupac and JZ too, but I know you would have rejected them out of hand because of their…age.

        I was beat up plenty as a kid and that’s why I know that while you would speak to me rudely here, face to face and man to man, you wouldn’t say a damn thing. If you were to grant my wish and step out of line, I would mop the floor with you and then make you thank me for helping you clean up. Now, you let me know if you doubt that any of that is LITERALLY and then let me know what you want to bet, tough guy.


      5. You weren’t beat up enough or you wouldn’t be both ignorant and arrogant. You simply lack humility, so it is no surprise you thing mass murder of those you despise is a good idea. You are the biggest poser on this site with your mind-numbing filibusters. You are also a liar, you gave us those stupid quotes before anyone responded to your latest written diarrhea.You really are a loser.


      6. Clay, I’d call you my friend here however I’m afraid your profiling all peoples of a generation the way you have might well mean I’m excluded. But that aside, that greatest generation left me with a lexicon that included, although wasn’t limited too, words such as:
        Darkie….Lord knows I could go on. The sad thing is, I learned most of that after coming to this country from another where whites were subjugated by other whites. I remember those of the “greatest generation”, as you called them tryin to make a black lady move to the rear of the bus..then turning dogs loose on the peaceful protesters. Yeah excuse me for crapping on that. And while they were doing all that they taught us all the benefits of white flight. Great stuff to rewrite history when you want. Why is it that so many social justice warriors are always calling out people who lack color for their problems, yet the many thousands of athletes who’ve attained multimillionaire status are the first ones to run from their “brothers”? How many live in the neighborhood where they were raised trying to better the local schools? Opening businesses? Creating jobs and opportunities for wealth within those very same communities?
        Their is too much blame to go around to play this game to any useful end, yet somehow, again, it is where we end up. Do you remember Lawrence Jackson? The former Trojan defensive lineman…

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      7. Trojan1967, thank you for taking the time to respond and for being so thoughtful in doing so. I saved you for last and I’m sorry I don’t have more time for you. However, I’m probably not done ragging on your generation when I can get back to it.

        1) With all due respect, I think maybe you’re taking credit for the work of those giants. I think you guys held the line against a fatally flawed system that was bound to fall under its own weight anyway. You held serve at best.

        2) China and to a lesser extent India are going to be eating our lunches soon. I don’t know if there’s ever been a country that has done more to foster a coming enemy than what we have done with China. Frankly, it would be better if we put a foot in their asses sooner rather than trying to do so later.

        3) 67, we now live in the “Information Age,” right? So what does it mean when none of us can trust the information we’re getting? What happens when 2 + 2 equals whatever the hell you want? What is to come in the coming of such an age? Whatever it is…it’s on your ledger too.

        4) I gladly accept your well wishes and send them right back to you. Thanks again.

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      8. Clay — I can’t remember a single word of a single trial I ever tried. But I do remember my son getting into a fight for a good cause in high school —a fight as serious as a high school fight can get. I won’t get into the specifics cuz it will sound like like I’m making them up (his cause was so righteous–by the standards you believe in). The aftermath was serious enough for the cops to get called in —but his own principal told him the school was proud of him. When it comes time to check out, that fight will be one of the things I take with me to whatever comes next —and, believe me, Clay, there is something. Everybody’s life is a story they get to give to God. You are too fine a person to want a chapter entitled Soylent Green. Delete that chapter —not for me, but for you.

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      9. Clay, I reiterate, YOU’RE FOS. The Boomer generation helped get rid of Johnson and Nixon. Your generation and the Russians helped elect the half-wit, liar, Donald Trump.

        Thanks, Clay, for being a huge Trump “Whitey.”


      10. Michael, in regards to the post about your son fighting in school…
        I never got into fights at school and when I talk about getting beat up, believe it or not, I’m talking about my friends. It was just a neighborhood thing about being tough and I took lumps from them one way or another.

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      11. goTrick22, it’s ironic to hear you calling me arrogant, but anyway…
        Yes, I know this blog is populated by Boomers who are mostly conservative, so Tupac and JZ wouldn’t play well here. You gotta know your audience kid.

        Snowflake, there aren’t really any Soylent Green processing plants and nobody is interested in eating you. Also, you’re projecting because I don’t despise anyone or any group of people. You’re reaching for straws now and I think we’re done.


      12. You don’t seem to know what the words Snowflake or arrogant mean because you are such an ignorant pompous windbag. You were exposed as a hypocritical poser quoting Baby Boomer artists. I loved battering you like a pinata. You make it so easy.


      13. Clay — All I meant to say is that my contribution to this world has been two children who stand up for the stuff you and I believe in.
        [As for me, if I’ve disappointed you, all I can say is some people have a kite for every wind… I only have one kite]…….

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      14. Pudly, the very act of characterizing an entire generation involves generalization by definition.

        Look, I’m Certainly not here to defend any racism and we should be able to stipulate that nothing is perfect. Of course the WWII generation was more racist, but thank god they were also much more than that. If I used the litmus test you’re proposing, there’s no entry point in history for me to love and respect my country. When didn’t racism exist in America? It’s as if you’re saying their epitaph should be something like, “They were racist and did some other stuff too.” That was not their defining characteristic in my mind and that’s not what they’ll be remembered for. The point I was trying to make is that they handed off the baton in good order and it just seems like you guys have been in the slow process of dropping it. For instance, they went to hell and back to overcome the perils of American isolationism and look what we’re doing again…

        Pudly, if you have an epitaph for the WWII generation that you feel is less glowing and more appropriate than the way I have portrayed them, let’s hear it.

        With that said, do you know what the Boomer’s epitaph will be unless you guys do something really funky really soon? “Greed is Good” …that’s the lesson you took from the sacrifice those people made and that’s the legacy you would leave behind. You guys elevated greed from a vice to a virtue…congratulations as that is quite an accomplishment, but probably not the one they stormed the beach for.

        You mentioned some things that are outside of the scope of my post and they are absolutely valid, but look how long this is already.

        I know you’re a good guy, Pudly, I appreciate your thoughts and I look forward to talking to you about ways you and your boomer buddies can still make good. Thanks again.


      15. Clay — By stepping out and telling us what was on your mind [and taking the hits that always accompany doing that—in business, politics or on social media], you’ve set off the most heartfelt set of responses in the history of this blog.
        If I ever get “processed”, I want better music than Edward G. Robinson got.

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      16. Justowned, how lovely of you to chime in as well. Neither party is blameless and I don’t tie myself to either one. I think most of the answers are somewhere in the middle rather than out at either extreme. I’m someone who likes options, flexibility, smart people and good ideas. I’m not nearly tribal enough to care where a good idea comes from, I’ll take it.

        Now, is one side baby and the other side bathwater? Yes. However, if you accept my premise that both parties have been corrupted by the Boomers, then you can apply the “baby” and “bathwater” labels to whichever side you please. However you tag them, the baby has fouled the bathwater, has been too long soaking in it, and has ingested it as well. Unfortunately, the fouled bathwater AND the poisoned baby must be thrown out because the Boomers were negligent parents.



      17. Yea, MG, Soylent Green is a non-starter. Clay’s got his blood boiling a bit, non?

        But #thanksboomer resonates for me. (Even if snowflakeism amongst Millenials is real).
        I have a 30 year old son and I stress over whut kinda’ World I will leave him.

        Rich boomers need to unleash their inner 60’s/70’s peaceful, cool Jimi Hendrix/Led Zep/Rachel Carson/Chief Ironeyes heritage and embrace the coming change. Embrace
        what is cool about these youngsters (sharing, hanging out, less materialism, ugly cars or no cars at all) and help direct them away from the things they get wrong.


    3. goTrick, I call you “Snowflake” because you’re emotional and easily triggered. The problem is that when you think of emotion, you’re thinking about a woman crying. Anger, spite, hate and others are every bit as real as the emotions you associate with femininity.

      JO is calling me a Trump flukey and you are calling me a libtard…did you guys agree that you are both idiots or something?


      1. You are the teary androgynous Snowflake, quoting the bisexual Baby Boomer Bowie and gay Baby Boomer icon Kate Bush as if they are great poets who are touching your troubled Millennial soul.

        The problem with your idiotic attack on Baby Boomers is they made up the Golden Era of USC football from 1965 to 1982. So it is obvious you are not even a USC fan, but another internet fraud.


      2. Good morning Snowflake,

        Dude, you’re displaying a large part of your fatal flaw and the fatal flaw of the people who share your ideologies. I’m going to come back to that after telling you this:

        I was really hoping to talk to other people who were willing to have an actual conversation, but you and JO are running around here like children with straws and toilet paper, shooting spitballs. The reason I challenged you with the eye to eye scenario is because I want you to talk like a normal person. There’s no way you act like this in real life and YOU’RE the one with the internet schtick. Again, stop projecting. You and J.O KNOW that I’m happy to get in the gutter with you and I always beat you on your own territory. You have to win on the road too, right? But I’m not trying to play games right now. I would rather use the time I have talking to people who are trying to actually talk to me rather than come back here to read and respond to bullshit. Stop telling me who I am, what I’m thinking and what my agenda is because I WILL TELL YOU.

        When I talk about football here sometimes, I know that I am acting as a sort of bridge for some people who never really played the game. I played the game well and I think I have some insights about it, but I have also always been part nerd, so I can make a decent bridge sometimes. I always kept a nerd or two around in high school, I was good to them generally, and I can talk to them. I am hoping to do the same thing for people who don’t have any experience in the kind of dirty game they have seen on TV recently. I am trying to be a bridge and not anything else your narrow brand of thinking would conceive of. Now, there are too many good people with thoughtful things to say and I am not able to give them the thoughtful answers they deserve while I’m dicking around with you and your mirror image. STOP WASTING MY FUCKING TIME. I’m happy to talk to you, but you have to talk to me like you have some sense. Are you capable of that?


      3. Your fatal flaw is you combine conceit with ignorance. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.


      4. I admit to some conceit and ignorance too, do you?

        gotroy22, please make every effort to understand that I am not trying to attack you personally, but I can draw some conclusions about you as well. I just want to call your attention to some of the ways you think/speak. I’m concerned because I think if some of the ways you think/speak are prevalent, it will hold us back as a society and lead to mutually destructive outcomes. I’m not even going to touch on the fact that it won’t allow us to put our best team on the field. I’m asking you to step outside of yourself for a moment and take a look back at what you see.

        I copied some quotes on this blog, attributed them to their writers and I bet you didn’t even read the words. You’re not even the type to think about their applicability to current affairs. You went straight to the people who wrote them and started going down your political checklist of complaints about who they are as people…why? I would simply ask you to make an effort to suppress that reflex and choke down that bile that rises in your throat. Look at what you did… You’re going on and on about these people and their personal attributes when I DON’T CARE and I don’t think you should either. Aren’t both of those people dead anyway? Do you just need to spit on their graves at the mention of their music and the thought of them as individuals? Really? Anyway, does it make the words (Can we agree that words are just thoughts expressed and that writing is thinking?) less meaningful somehow? It does, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t and if it does, it’s a fatal flaw for us as a country. BTW, you also attacked the person who reproduced the words and you still aren’t done going down your political checklist with him.

        This kind of thinking you’re displaying in this is a problem in America and it doesn’t have to be. It’s not about the kinds of people…it’s about the kind of value their words/thoughts can bring to all kinds of people. The words and the meaning they hold are what matters. As the generations and the different sorts of people come and go, it will be the words that endure. Words like the ones found in The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, the Bible and on The Statue of Liberty. The words matter and we are losing our way because of a lack of fidelity to the words that bind us and the thoughts/ideals/values that they express. If we find out some of the Founding Fathers were wife-beating slave holders, should we throw the constitution out?

        As always, thanks for the time if you made it through.


  2. Wasn’t Windrell Hayes’ nickname “Scissors?” Due to the fact that he made the best cuts as a WR in college football?


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  3. I have some really bad news. As most know, driving is now allowed in California & is considered a PRIVLEDGE. Unfortunately, two people have died in traffic accidents in the last week. Due to these deaths the privledge of driving has been suspended for the next 30 days. This is just temporary. No need to be concerned. If we can get through the next 30 days with no traffic fatalities then the privledge will most certainly be reinstated.
    If you live more than a half mile from your work, please stay home and stay safe. Check for updates.

    End of message.

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  4. Windrell Hayes was a very solid performer in the days of sparse crowds at the Coliseum. I remember a game against SJSU early in Pete’s first season when I parked in a metered spot facing the 110 arriving during the 2nd quarter.

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  5. Memo to: Clay

    So now Clay, Boomers are also “negligent parents.” LOL.

    The essence of meaningful paragraphs Clay is brevity and a good editor.

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    1. They were negligent parents to the metaphorical baby, yes. Now we all have to get back in bed together and conceive again while vowing to employ better parenting skills than they did. They were out shopping and they put their purchases on a credit card.


    2. Clay learned that when he took Psych and Soc blue book tests in college the more he wrote the more likely the professor would give up reading his filibuster and just give him a “B”.


  6. A nice discourse–reasonably civil even–amongst educated (Trojan?) people.
    We have some work to do when our focus is not on College Football.

    That said, I hope we soon have 12 Saturdays to divert our attention from the work at hand.

    Be well, friends. In these challenging times, if you’re gonna have a tipple of Bourbon at the end of your day, at least make it a nice small sip of a fine small batch.


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