USC Thursday Buzz: News Roundup

I hear former USC players Carson Palmer, Jack Del Rio and Jeff Bregel will be on the new ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame, which will be released next week.

  • Athlon’s preseason magazine has released its all-Pac-12 team:
  • Kedon Slovis, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Tyler Vaughns and Alijah Vera-Tucker made the first-team offense. Jay Tufele, Drake Jackson and Talanoa Hufanga made the first-team defense.
  • At least five Alabama football players have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to BamaOnline. Players returned to campus this week.

11 thoughts on “USC Thursday Buzz: News Roundup

  1. I hate to say it but in order to finally rid ourselves of Gomer, SC will have to play Alabama and get their ass absolutely jackhammered (settle down, Pudly).


    1. Conversely, PJM, the way to ASSURE a victory in that game is for Clay to announce in the pregame locker room that he has tendered, and Folt has accepted, his resignation…..

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    2. PJM,

      Inmy opinion, if SC loses to bama and goes 1-2, they will keep Helton. Bohn and Folt don’t have the money for the buyout due to loss of revenue from the athletic department, Bohn and Folt not having the guts to fire him because of the Political Correctness on campus, and paying for the problems of the drs. Even if he goes 8 – 5 he stays. They will get rid of him when his contract runs out.

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      1. pt —If Helton gets beat something like 52-6 again by Alabama —- he’s SO gone. If, on his way to what COULD have been an 8-5 season, he loses something like to 52-6 to ANYBODY, he’s SO gone…..

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      1. He’ll most likely call a game the next week similar to Fresno St last season or UNLV the season before and have a hard time with Noooh Meheeco at the Coliseum and it will not sit well with Folt and her new pals that bought her that cool home. They may want some rent in the form of Helton being canned.


  2. .At least five Alabama football players have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to BamaOnline. 

    Yeah and if you tested them for PED’s about 60% of the team would test positive.


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