This Day In USC History

On this day in 1979, Fleetwood Mac recorded Tusk, which even 41 years later is perhaps the signature song for the USC band.

Mick Fleetwood came up with the idea to use the USC band. A mobile studio was created at Dodger Stadium to capture the band (video below).

In the above photo, Fleetwood performs with the USC band at halftime of the Arizona State game on Oct. 4, 1980. Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham presented a platinum disc for the single “Tusk” to the band at halftime.

Watch the video. It’s like watching a classic USC football game: The band at it peak and wearing those signature uniforms.

11 thoughts on “This Day In USC History

    1. Speaking of Gomer, there was a middle aged guy (surrounded by middle aged women) sitting on the beach yesterday listening to a Patty Smith song — very self consciously snapping his fingers and weakly shouting, “work it on out, girl!….”

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  1. Sorry. Din’t watch the above video.
    My memories of that day at the Coliseum are waaaaaay better!
    We were on a 20+ game unbeaten streak at the time, RIGHT?
    Unfortunately, Charles White had graduated and we had to settle with Junior Marcus Allen at the 2 back.

    Watching Stevie Nicks prance and dance in the middle of the Coliseum with the Spirit of Troy that warm, sunny day was epic!
    I think YOUNG Dr. Art Bart was having a rockin’ good time too!

    As a young Sophomore, I thought we ruled the cool universe.


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  2. Of course Alabama claims Tusk for themselves. The band plays a sorta version but it isn’t close to the Spirit of Troy playing it. I just laughed the last time I heard them play it. It would be nice to see USC band teaching the tide band how it is played correctly

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