Urban Meyer Really Likes Kedon Slovis

If you told me one of Fox’s national football pundits ranked Kedon Slovis as one of the top 5 QB’s in the nation, I would have assumed it was Matt Leinart or Reggie Bush.

But it was Urban Meyer, aka the smart one. And Joel Klatt, top game analyst.

Imagine if Meyer liked Slovis this much what would happen if he was coaching Slovis this season?

Oh well!


18 thoughts on “Urban Meyer Really Likes Kedon Slovis

    1. That’s a shitload of talent — and please add Drake London, Kenan Christon, Markese Stepp, Jay Tufele, Palaie Gaoteote and Talanoa Hufanga to the list…

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      1. I really want Palaie Gaoteote to finally play up to his potential and have a big Chris Claiborne/ Rey Maualuga season at Linebacker becoming that “go to guy” on defense when we need big plays.
        He’s had a mixed review kind of career so far. Hasn’t been a let down at all. Definitely showed he is talented but has been set back with minor injuries that hurt his time.

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  1. Urban Meyer, the smart one, ranks Slovis top 5. Yep.

    But Tebow-Obama doesn’t think Slovis should even start for West LA JC.

    Hmm…who to believe here…that is a tough one…

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      1. Ordinarily, I’d play it safe and go with tebow….. but given the state of the world, I figure ‘what the hell?’…..

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  2. The question is not whether Urban Meyer likes Kedon Slovis, but do Graham Harrell and Clay Helton like him? I will explain what I mean.

    I went back and studies the Air Raid offense at Texas Tech. It appears that it is a system that places the QB in harms way and susceptible to many injuries because the offense is not balanced. I may be wrong on this. What do others think?

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  3. Add to prior post – In other words, are Kedon Slovis and JT Daniels injury prone or does the Air Raid system leave them exposed?

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  4. These pre season picks are based on a competent offensive line!!
    And Helton staying out of the play calling, but I doubt that!
    Great for the players to get some early season recognition!!
    Anything helps…


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