Should USC Basketball Be Nervous?

The NCAA levied a one-year postseason ban against Oklahoma State’s men’s basketball program, making it the first program to receive punishment from the highly publicized FBI investigation.

Is this ominous for USC?

“In a criminal proceeding with a high burden or proof — beyond a reasonable doubt — and an individual who accepted responsibility and pleaded guilty, it was not difficult for us in this case to give significant weigh to those particular facts that he agreed to,” said Larry Parkinson, chief hearing officer for the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

USC also had an assistant coach (Tony Bland) plead guilty.

“Having had only one and this being the first, time will tell whether other cases are similar and dissimilar,” Parkinson said.

Below are the full penalties for Oklahoma State:


33 thoughts on “Should USC Basketball Be Nervous?

  1. USC Nervous? That’s ridiculous, Scott. USC and Oklahoma State are in completely different situations…. legally and factually. For one thing ……. uh, USC is in California while Oklahoma State is in Oklahoma……

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    1. Michael, are you implying that Little Snarky Scottie is acting like a Debbie Downer? That’s just what his pathetic, sad self enjoys doing the most. God forbid if we actually get sanctioned — for Little Scottie that would be better than sex. 😦

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      1. I have 2 friends [and 2 brothers in-law] who attended UCLA –and I can guarantee sanctions against USC basketball would mean MUCH more to them than “life changing” experiences with Natalie Portman.

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      2. MG, who do you think should be our next men’s basketball head coach after President Carol Burnett fires Football Head for “not winning the right way”?

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      3. gt — My guess is she’ll surprise everybody….

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    2. Finally, Andyain’twinning faces the death penalty, even though he claims, repeatedly, he didn’t know SQUAT! – BS


      1. I plead the 5th.

        If he says that and says “I swear” then they will buy it because he looks like the type that wouldn’t hurt a fly or forget to leave a tip.


  2. And in other news….

    Uh oh, looks like social distancing has gotten to the Utah staff. Their DC couldn’t distance himself from some of his previous posts.

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    1. It’s always sad to see programs on your schedule run into serious, program destroying trouble…..

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    2. I must admit that last year I had Coach Morgan Scalley on my short list for USC D.C. and posted repeatedly that he should be USC’s #1 or #2 recruit (Jim Leonhard at UWisky is/was the other hot commodity). I included defensive metrics from ESPN FPI showing that Scalley’s defenses had performed in the top 5 nationally on average over the past 5 years. He also has been special teams coach at Utah with excellent ST results–including in the return game (ie, not just punting and kickoffs stats in high elevation Utah).

      My BRIEF research on today’s topic shows that Scalley used the “n” word in a private text message to a young football player in 2008, which the FB player kept on his cell phone for 5 years. Evidently, the FB player called Scalley on the issue in 2013 and received a “half-assed” apology from the coach.

      In my mind, you get what you deserve in life.

      It will be interesting to see how Utah athletics handles this situation.
      They took in a hot shot young WR a few years ago who was discharged from a top tier D1 FB program for sexual assault, and that player was an instant starter at UU.

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      1. Oh, for the stupid haters out there…
        When I was lobbying for Coach Scalley last year I was not aware that he had used the “n” word in a text message back in 2008.


      2. There was a second instance that came to life besides the initial one he apologized for. In his apology, he only made reference to a single occurrence, it was all he admitted to and apologized for. Then another former player posted this tweet…

        So now that’s twice he was outed….and his statement looks more like something prepared by his defense attorney rather than heartfelt remorse.


  3. So everyone is getting persecuted for old tweets and text messages? Why was it not a problem when it happened? Plenty of black men have died from police brutality since 2013 but in 2020 he gets reprimanded? Geez, i hope Clay Helton said something crazy back in 2011 or anytime since he has been at USC

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    1. I guess somebody has an axe to grind…

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      1. Love it Dani. Please let the cat out of the bag and post Dear Pisley’s resurfaced message (racial faux pas).

        Can’t wait!!!!!!


    2. Believe me, Clay has never said anything politically incorrect in his lifetime….

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      1. MG, your dreary Chip cracks are the first thing Chip laughs at in the morning.

        Personally, I can’t wait SUCCX BB winds up 10′ under in a cardboard box. SUCCX has a criminal BB HC on its payroll.

        But, but, but “I didn’t know squat.” Yeah sure, ad infinitum, etc.


      2. Chip’s reading me? Cool. Best news I’ve had since Frank Zappa said I would go down in history as the biggest reactionary of the 20th century for prosecuting the Dead Kennedy’s Punk Rock Band…..

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  4. MG, the Chipper is just happy he isn’t the bozo BB HC. You know the guy 20 games under .500 vs the Pac 12 after 8 years as HBBC.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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    1. The Beatles waited til they finished the song before they got to 4 “yeahs” in a row…..

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      1. gt –remember the SNL sketch where Chevy Chase offered the Beatles $200 to host the show and told them they could split the money any way they wanted, including not paying Ringo?

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