Tight End Becomes 16th USC Commitment

Lake McRee, a three-star tight end from Austin, Texas, committed to USC tonight. McRee is the 16th commitment for USC’s Class of 2021 recruiting class, which is ranked No. 3 in the nation by Rivals.

“They believed in me, asked me about my knee and strongly believed I’d come back better than I was before. That was something that stuck out to me,” McRee told Rivals.

15 thoughts on “Tight End Becomes 16th USC Commitment

  1. This class can’t reach #1 (Not that rankings matter since 2015 was #1) .
    But at the end the top classes will only have 4 stars galore with 5 stars. Not A lot of 3 and 4 star kids.
    This is not even a top 8 class right now.


  2. More HATRED just like the shit that matters you see everyday protesting rioting looting burning buildings.. IF a Black policeman puts his knee on top of a white mans neck and Kills that Man to most black people it Does NOT Matter.. that is the Truth…..


  3. Under different circumstances I would get excited over a # 3 ranking in recruiting, but Clay Helton’s history speaks for itself. A roster full of talent means nothing with that clown, because doesn’t knows what to do with it, and they don’t develop.


    1. In the past I would’ve agreed. However these assistants give me lots of hope. I see them standing up to Gomer more aggressively, and not buying into his soft soft soft philosophy of team toughness.
      Esp. Vic and Sean along with Donte and Todd.

      This kid can really play. Great hands and tough blocker.

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      1. You musta seen the email sent by Bohn to Helton last week: “I’d appreciate it if you could restrict yourself to working with the video team this season — in exchange I’ve told the players not to laugh when I refer to you as ‘coach.’
        I want this season to be an experiment —-in figureheaded-ness. Hope I can count on you to play your role.”

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      2. MG, remember, Boob Tubalardo won 20 straight games thanks to Al Borges and Rocky Long before he was exposed as a fraud. Figureheads can succeed if surrounded by talented assistants.

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      3. Thank you Nero, the Fan Boy clearly doesn’t understand how development occurs in D-1


  4. Lake also had offers from ‘Bama and Texas. If you have 2 minutes, check out the video and watch his footwork, both speed and agility. I suspect that the 3 star ranking may have to do with his size (215 lbs a few months ag). By 2021 season, he could conceivably be up to 240.

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    1. He was an early Texas commit (he’s from Austin) but was never a strong commit and opened up his recruiting earlier this year. I hope his knee heals and he can be a strong tight end

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  5. Hey 22, remember when Fuhrer-Bunker Donald on his tiny pedestal, tweeted he was a “stable genius.”

    I know 22, the Donald can count on your malignant vote in Nov.


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