Morning Buzz: USC Holds First Protest

With no school and the campus usually locked down, there hasn’t been a protest at USC . . . until now.

A protest started this morning and was making a 3-mile loop around the campus.

26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Holds First Protest

    1. Says the guy rooting for the school who let the police use their baseball field for the arrest of protesters.?.?. Really?
      By the way, did you read the tweets from your former running back and some of his teammates re: chippie? Hmmm? If you need your memory refreshed I’d be happy to repost them for ya….✌🏾✌️✌🏾✌️

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      1. Pudly throwing three straight heaters for strikes – not sure if owns got the bat off the shoulder on this plate appearance.

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      2. not to mention the athletic department is about $100M in debt and way over budget. That’s what happens when the crowd of the year at the Rose Bowl is 22k people. Laughing right at you Owns.

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      3. As usual Dear Pisley you’re wrong. UCLA did not give LAPD permission to use its leased land next to JR BB Stadium. UCLA filed a strong grievance regarding the blatant LAPD trespassing. “Facts matter” ~ p76

        So now Dear Pisley you resort to Trump liar speak. Get your thumb out.


      4. Yeah right….they probably forgot to lock the place up. I’m sure you believe everything that PR dept puts out AFTER THE FACT. Why didn’t the Univ police chase those trespassers off.


  1. Dear Pisley, I was under the impression Donald Trump was the current head of the US Govt.

    Unfortunately, he’s is unavailable; he’s barricaded in his bunker praying for more half-assed, toothless constituents.


    1. Funny stuff owns, till you have to pay the bill. Not even that dumb garcetti paid as much as newsome….

      Hell, Fry’s is making a profit and still selling for less. Hahahahaha! The best part, is he paid it to the Chinese. Yup. Paid a Chinese company to open a new plant so they could import them to the US. Ya think 3m mighta been able to open a plant in Cali and deliver them already?? Pretty sure. Pretty F’n sure.

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      1. Looks like we folks in the middle have ALMOST reached the point where we’ve taken as much of this loonyness as we’re gonna take….

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      1. Ha! [I missed the beginning of that game cuz I was up in northern california —land of the cal/stanford “big game”— and I had to drive all the way to Sacramento to get USC/UCLA on a hotel television set —by the time I turned it on it was already 24-0]……

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  2. Didn’t SUCCX FB recently lose a Rivalry game after allowing a UCLA RB to shred the Bozo (Ha Ha) defense for 289 rushing yards? Yikes!!!!

    Damn ’67, I’m pretty sure I watched the game and so did you.


    1. Who cares about one game. USC is way ahead in the rivalry and has won
      11 or 12 national titles to the ‘ruins 1/2 back around 1954 – 55. So shut your
      mouth, keep looting, oh mean rooting for those losers in Westwood with
      their sexual misconduct exploding all over. Build your owns football and
      baseball stadiums and stop having us taxpayers help the school survive.


      1. Hey Gargamel, you really are a Mensa. USC shared 4 NCs. Does that mean we only get credit for 2?


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