USC Right Tackle Target Commits To Miami

Jarrid Williams, a graduate transfer from Houston committed to Miami tonight.

Besides USC, Williams also considered Baylor, Florida State, Florida State.

USC wanted Williams to start at right tackle to help bolster a shaky offensive line. He is the second grad-transfer tackle to turn down the Trojans. Keldrick Wilson of Hampton previously spurned the Trojans.

24 thoughts on “USC Right Tackle Target Commits To Miami

  1. Oh mercy, nurse!!

    I am not going to lose any sleep on a potential transfer spurring USC for Miami.

    No wonder you are not employed by any local newspaper or media outlet in Los Angeles. No scoops just a constant drone of negativity.


    1. Bad enough being spurned, but to be spurred on top of it is beyond reason… unless you’re into that kinda stuff!

      Not that there’s anything wrong with it…

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      1. Like

    2. Playing on the anger, fears and anxieties of people can get you clicks and It can also get you elected President.


      1. Great point Clay! It worked great for Barack Hussein Obama, not so great for Hitlery.


      2. Being afraid of black people and women is not the same as black people and women playing on you fear.

        USC…Really? This is your issue??


      3. You preachy Moderate Democrats make up causes to play on fears while ignoring the real problems:



    3. Why do you have to post such a pathetic commentary. Scott gives us a platform to ponder,share & G-D forbid the ability to possibly learn something. I’m sorry but a 500 team that’s 13-13 in the last 26 games in addition to having the worst recruiting class ever. What is so positive that can be reported. I am truly terrified that our “ below par” offensive line could cause us to suffer through another anemic year due to having Slovis out for injury. I just might lose sleep to the ineptitude of Tim Drevno. You can be third in line behind just owns,& Tebow Obama for a Mental Health Evaluation at my facility.


    1. Hey Owns,
      I am about to read a piece on fansided/

      The headline “3 reasons why USC will be better than UCLA in Basketball in 2020-21”

      First off the guy writing might have been drunk while working because we’re better than UCLA as we speak but I’ll still take a look at it because he got it right at the end of the day. We’re the better team. Program actually right now.


      1. Sammy, you guys were a desperation 3 pt. shot better than UCLA last year, but if MC can induce Chris Smith to remain at UCLA we will have an awesome veteran team next year. Don’t poke the Bruin.

        Besides, Andyain’twinning is facing NCAA sanctions again.


  2. Who needs him, Clay Helton did a fantastic job of building that offensive line over the last four years. And I’m sure he’s looking forward to the opener against Alabama, because he can see the fruits of his labor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.


      1. I read something a couple of weeks ago that after USC of course being the best team that recruits in the Pac 12 that the 2nd best team was and I have to say i was surprised because I am never jealous of any players they get at all and i am being honest. They always fill classes with lots of three star kids that get them to a #19 type class really with a kid here and there. They never have a kid that I may be passed or jealous about except maybe Roquan Smith (who never played there LOL) and Mique Juarez (That’s still funny…..fur us Trojans). But anyways LONG STORY SHORT THEY WERE NAMED THE BIGGEST CHOKERS IN THE PAC 12 FOR HAVING THE BEST CLASSES IN FOOTBALL.


      2. Oh for them to reach that success again, however sammy, with the chipster at the helm driving off those already there, he’s having a hard time finding hosts for the odd recruit he can convince to take a visit.

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  3. Well it doesn’t get as bad as Clay Helton at USC when you think of his abilities to lure not just the top offensive tackles or as we see him striking out every other week presently with transfer tackles but at the end of the day Helton is a garbage level closer with offensive lineman.
    Garbage level.
    I honestly can’t say if this kid was a big time get or an average but my point is Helton is a joke with what controls football games. That being the line of scrimmage. He certainly doesn’t seem to see the significance of it all or it wouldn’t June 7 and he’s still looking for players. Players to start.


    1. That’s the same offensive line that looked horrible against another out of Conference team in the Holiday Bowl 😂😂😂. It’s totally ridiculous that people still defend Clay Helton, and what he’s assembled over the last four years, it’s totally disgusting. The Trojans would get destroyed if they made it to the playoffs


  4. Black lives matter is RACIST against Whites Mexicans and all other Religions….that is the TRUTH. .. plus the MEDIA is Evil……all your local news including cnn msnbc


    1. “…and all other Religions.” Just goes to show how unhinged this person is. Seek professional help.


  5. Why is that crazed Gotroy22 allowed to post his hateful non USC sports
    day after day? Worthless trash talk from a lowlife of humanity. Scott wake
    up and take a stand for your blog’s credibility.


    1. Why have you stalked Scott Wolf the last 15 years, Gargamel? You are as worthless as they get. Seek professional help.


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