Afternoon Roundup: ESPN Says USC Is Underachieving

This will shock you but ESPN says USC is a Tier I job (Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC) and the Trojans are the biggest underachievers along with Texas.

  • USC has named Daniel Solow of Northwestern as its new senior associate athletic director for development. This is the job formerly held by Ron Orr, who was fired in January
  • This is probably a good time to remember that USC created a task force 16 months ago to develop a criteria regarding the names of buildings, statues and monuments.

The most controversial is VonKleinsmid Center (below) named after former USC president Rufus VonKleinsmid. Here’s a good article on VonKleinsmid.

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23 thoughts on “Afternoon Roundup: ESPN Says USC Is Underachieving

  1. Poppycock. Where I come from underachieving is when you fail to live up to expectations. Who in their right mind has expected any more than what helton has been delivering?


    1. Underacheiving in this case is when SC has the ability to draw top 5 recruiting classes every year and doesn’t. When SC still has demonstrably superior talent which is not developed by the coaching staff. When we lose to clearly inferior teams.

      USC is underachieving because with a competent (not talking superior, just competent) coach, SC competes for Pac title every year and finishes top 10 nationally 60-70% of the time. And with a superior coach it’s competing for top 5 the most years.

      Yes, if you say “USC with Helton as coach”, expectations should be very low. But I think the question is: “is USC underperforming relative to where USC has the potential to, and should be expected to perform?”

      If that’s the question, we’ve also been underperforming (because of terrible ADs and coaches) for the past decade.

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  2. BTW, SC was barely hanging on to a tier 1 status after Kiffin and Sark, Gomer has delivered the headshot that has until further notice, jettisoned them from that status.


  3. I still can’t believe or understand how it was allowed to get this bad. Lastly, I’d like to give the following shoutout…

    Hey Pat Haden –

    Vince Ferragamo owned you when you were on the Rams. Furthermore, it goes without saying that he worked 10 times the amount of hot ass.


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      1. Pat Haden may have started but Ferragamo was a better quarterback. That fool, Ray Malevasi, bought into that shrimp, Haden.

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    1. USC was achieving until Reggie’s Greed destroyed the Dynasty. Now we have endured a decade of shame thanks to one selfish person who has never made amends for his actions.


      1. USC loses to Fresno St at the Coliseum if Reggie goes to Notre Dame.

        USC loses to Notre Dame if he doesn’t break of those long runs in the high grass up to his ankles if he’s playing for the Irish.

        USC doesn’t get to the Orange Bowl if he doesn’t carry the offense and beat UCLA at the Rose Bowl if he ends up with Charlie Weis.

        We lose those games.
        Time to move on GT.


      2. I’m definitely not saying he was innocent. Not at all. But at the end of the day these kids can’t wait a year or two to get paid.
        Is it right that the NCAA profited off of having Reggie on the cover of the NCAA Football video game that was for some time the biggest seller of all time in the franchise history?
        Millions and millions of dollars. I bought that game every year it came out for about 5 years. Even when their was Larry Fitzgerald or some other player. Didn’t matter . Those games sold. And those players recieved nothing from it. So you have to look at it from the POV being Reggie or Zion Williamson. They have people around them that they thought were helping but just wanted to ride his coat tail and he made a bad choice that he will have to live with. This will never be over. He’s gonna hear it from people his whole life and that’s not an easy thing to be in public eating dinner and there’s a bunch of tough guys pushing buttons. He made that bed and we went through it but he’s always gonna go through it. That’s all I’m saying.


      3. I meant to finish with this.
        But again I’m not saying water under the bridge. I don’t know what a person can do to right this wrong. I certainly hope Reggie does something that shows ways of acknowledging his mistakes. But also if we keep a grudge with Reggie then you have to keep the same exact grudge with Pete Carroll because he was well aware of who is around HIS FOOTBALL PROGRAM/STARS and a man who has been a player and coach for many years in football and reaching Head Coach status in the NFL before SC for years knows he has many stars on his roster but wouldn’t you think he would highlight him with a big yellow marker keeping his best player as far away from agents or “friends of the family” or “friends of the program”?
        Every coach has the 411 on their best players.


      4. Giving him his Heisman that is something i can’t decide. I’m on the fence leaning towards not yet at least or let the Heisman Fraternity vote.
        GT this America. The America you grew up in as well as the rest of us and we are supposed to be a country of 2nd chance.


  4. Anybody with two eyes and common sense knows that USC has been underachieving under Clay Helton. They’ve had the most talent in the conference over the last four years, and always squeak by lesser opponents. That’s why Trojan yahoos are the only ones who get excited over the recent verbal commitments, because everybody else knows better. Helton is going into his 5th season, and all he has to show for it is, an average middle of the pack team, in a extremely weak PAC 12 conference, that has never sent a team to the playoffs


    1. That was a beatdown on Stanford. I wish I could say it was a perfect day.
      We almost had an altercation that night with some………USC students.
      My cousin (RIP Mike) accidentally spilled beer or knocked over theirs. We apologized. We offered to buy them many more. They kept talking and talking. One particular individual would not let if go. They thought there was only 4 of us sitting next to them when there was a group of at least 10. We all stood up at the same time like it was practiced and they got up and walked out.
      But in the end we kept it peaceful.
      Trust me.
      I come in peace..

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  5. In case there were doubts, undoubtedly USC has grossly underperformed in the hell-ton years. Was merely trying to find something funny to say inspite of the sadness I feel at the thought of that doofus representing all of us Trojans. My expectations for Trojan Football sans Mr. Integrity are always gonna be sky high. With him? Please… that fool is single handedly undoing a reputation that was built over decades. To make matters worse? He’s doing it in an era where instantaneous, yet permanent, judgements are made, and those that find themselves on the wrong side of the ledger are rarely, if ever, given the time to rewrite the story.


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