Report: USC Allowing Reggie Bush Back

USC is expected to end its disassociation with former tailback Reggie Bush, according to ESPN.

USC was hit with NCAA sanctions on June 10, 2010 and the NCAA passed a rule three years ago that limits any mandated disassociation between an individual and a school to no more than 10 years. 

Sources in the athletic dept. tell me any decision needed to come with the approval of school president Carol Folt.

Last September, Bush was permitted to return to the Coliseum for USC’s game against Utah with Fox Sports.

67 thoughts on “Report: USC Allowing Reggie Bush Back

  1. Great news. Hope #5 returns Home to full fanfare. No one was more electric in their 3 season career than Mr. Reggie Bush.

    Oh, and I give him his Heisman back with the Heisman in HH also.

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  2. People are understandably upset with Reggie, but I feel more of the blame goes to Haden. It was a crime for him to lay down and all but accept the most egregious NCAA penalty in NCAA history.

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      1. Aye, you can look the other way when meyer’s boy whips his wife’s ass, but Reggie you can’t forgive? Everyone has there own way to look at things. ✌️

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      2. Aye, you support President Carol Burnett’s refusal to hire Urban Meyer as USC head coach and but give Greedy Selfish Unrepentant Reggie Bush a pass for single-handedly destroying the USC football Dynasty and consigning us to a decade of underachievement and mediocrity?

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      3. No one said I supported her decision. But Reggie broke no laws nor did he aid and abet a guy in repeatedly assaulting his wife. Reggie was a kid and urban was a grown man. Selling one’s soul for a couple wins vs forgivenes..just trying to rationalize.
        Bringing in Folt as somehow that empowers this debate doesn’t have any bearing.

        Give peas a chance…

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      4. He was no” kid”, he was a grown adult who could make adult decisions like get married and enlist in the services and die for his country.

        He deliberately broke the rules of the NCAA which every player on the team but Reggie Bush managed to live under. Worst of all, he never apologized for his actions or asked for forgiveness from the USC Family.Why would you forgive someone who harmed the Trojan Family and thinks he did nothing wrong?

        He should specifically apologize to Matt Barkley, Cody Kessler and the rest of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Trojans who played under NCAA probation and had to pay the price for Reggie’s greed.

        You are the one who played the Urban Meyer card.

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      5. Sure. Every kid who enlists is a grown ass man. That’s why you see so many sergeants leading their squads at 19. Doesn’t float. And the whole marriage thingy, really? You mean the age group who’s divorce rate is the highest of all age groups…heck in some states you can marry at 16, does that make them an adult?
        But you’re fine with the guy who covered up for his mentor’s grandson repeatedly…how old was urban the first time he covered up for Hernandez? How old was meyer and his wife the first time they covered up for zack? But you can overlook that and not Reggie. That’s all I’m asking about.
        Some people need to see repentance, others atonement, some just find that forgiveness is internal and has nothing to do with the perpetrator. And some sell their indulgences for a couple extra Ws.
        Reggie’s done 10 yrs, and some would rather see OJ than Bush…that I don’t get.

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      6. You keep saying I defended Urban Meyer’s misogynist assistant. I defy you to show one post were I ever defended the assistant or Meyer’s cover up. You must have me mixed up with someone else.

        And now you are redefining what a legal adult is to rationalize away Reggie’s treachery.

        Reggie has not repented of his selfish acts that harmed the Trojan Family. I don’t get why you make excuses for him. We fans have done 10 years. Reggie enjoyed his career and NFL millions nad never gave USC a moment’s thought until he retired. Now he wants to be buddies.

        USC has so much football tradition. NCs and Heisman Trophy winners we don’t need to pander to miscreants like Reggie or OJ.

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      7. No I said you dismissed urban’s and his wife’s covering up for him. If what Zack did was so abhorrent that you’d distance yourself from it, how can you condone the MULTIPLE times he played a MANOR role in its coverup.
        Wonder how many extra punches she took because of the urban meyer marriage counseling?

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      8. I never dismissed it. You keep making it up to make excuses for Greedy Selfish Victicrat Reggie Bush.


      9. There are plenty of 18 years olds who vote in national and state elections and thousands who rest forever in the cemeteries above the beaches of Normandy. Were they adults or kids?

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      10. Donna broke the law..Reggie broke a rule. She was the hired help vs a Trojan student. Reggie risked health and well-being every time he took the field, heinel like urban, was an adult.
        I’m not telling you you’re wrong, but there are many who are tired of the ncaa dictate. As far as those players you mentioned, let’s see what they have to say. I’m sure just like us, there’ll be all over the spectrum too, or not.

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      11. That bridge we cross when we get to it. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just don’t understand why urban is good to go and all, regardless how many times he’s covered up for the illegal activities of his players and staff, but not Reggie who wasn’t involved in anything illegal. No more, no less.

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      12. You (not solely I should say) somehow project that it would be ok that he was named coach. That implies that we overlook his inactions and actions as the case is. We allow him on campus to work for gainful employment. Then we complain about the ethics of Nikias or Haden or Bush? That doesn’t make sense to me. If we turn a blind eye to him, why not the others…or are we setting ourselves up for another set of issues brought on by one whose only concern is winning and not if his tight end severed the optic nerve of a nightclub bouncer by cold cocking him.

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      13. I didn’t say that. I said that if we do the moral thing and don’t hire Urban Meyer then why embrace the unethical person who did more damage to USC than all the ruin coaches combined?


      14. There are many more, but what’s the point? Don’t mean to single you out, and hope I didn’t insult you in any way. Thanks for taking the time.

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      15. Good discussion, I especially liked your points about the hired help and Matt being okay with it. Nobody suffered more than he did.

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      16. Nobody cares what you’re over, cry baby, Jack-Pudly76 😭😭😭. LMAO 😂 It’s not about you, Dumb Ass!! Go start your own blog, so no one will follow 😂


      17. Pudly, the part about Trojan educated and the help…Is gotroy22 Trojan educated? Not to butt in, but I HAVE to know, do you know?

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    1. And not to be outdone, a ruin weighs in….

      You guys thought I meant owns, huh?


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    1. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴


  4. In what year will Haden be forgiven and welcomed back to the Bozo U campus?

    Bush sold out the SUCCX FB program for the stinking money. He knew what he was doing and he didn’t care about the consequences of his greed.

    Basically, Bush is a pathetic, money-grubbing, two-bit looter. Bush failed to make an easy, crucial SUCCX first down and Tixas went on to win the NC!

    Hey, welcome back Reggie.

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    1. Says the guy who’s team is currently being raped by that racist-bigot coach, laughing all the way to the bank? How’s that chippie guy doing?


  5. Reggie’s actions most assuredly played a large, but not all, part of the kingdoms demise. Helton’s actions, if allowed to continue as coach through the duration of his contract, are 100% ensuring the kingdom will never rise again. At least Reg brought us a pair of Natty’s. Only thing that hell-ton has ever done for USC was shutting the f*ck up in the Rose Bowl and not getting in Darnold’s way…

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  6. I can only go by what Reggie said. He was told by his mother and stepdad that Lloyd Lake was a family friend. The deal between Lake and Reggie’s parents wasn’t impermissible any more than the deal between Cam Newton’s dad and the school.
    In the big picture, having money and a vehicle did not impact Reggie’s ability to run the football and play with abandon. It was the excuse for the NCAA to slam USC because everyone “knows” successful people cheat.
    Welcome back Reggie.

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    1. They (lake and his associates) paid Reggie to leave early. In the sec they pay for them to come and play. Haven’t seen them penalized. And I won’t be holding my breath.

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