Reggie Bush Podcast!

With the big Reggie Bush news, I joined Aram Tolegian to discuss what it all means as he now gets to return to USC.

6 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Podcast!

  1. Now it is Time for Reggie Bush to take over as Head Football Coach at USC and Fire gomer HE’LL Ton


  2. Taking care of business!
    Best comment of the day.
    I was going to post something similar on an earlier thread. Now that Reggie Bush is back when is Helton leaving, don’t stop now keep the momentum going USC. Fight on!


  3. He should’ve donated at least a million dollars to the athletic department, because they lost millions in Bowl game revenues because of him. But that’s typical selfish Reggie Bush 😂😂


  4. I guess Pete had nothing to do with it at all. Athletic Dept. has enough crooks cooking the books.


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