What About Reggie Bush’s Retired Jersey?

What about Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy and retired No. 5 jersey?

“I recognize that we don’t have all the answers associated with how we’re going to recognize Reggie, how we’ll reintroduce things from the Heisman Trophy to retired numbers to all those different things,” USC athletic director Mike Bohn said. “We will certainly get to that, and we certainly understand how important that is, but right now our focus is obviously on our existing student-athletes and the Covid challenge and obviously the challenges associated with other events in our country that are deeply troubling to us,. So please bear with us as we work through some of those big challenges in putting it together.”

The Heisman Trust will have something to say about Bush’s Heisman. USC can unveil his No. 5 jersey whenever it wants.

Bohn also said Bush showed remorse to him.

“His remorse and his really sharing the challenges of what this meant to him and the devastation he had experienced knowing that USC was heavily penalized because of the situations connected to his actions, I think that was really important to us and being able to hear that from him,” Bohn said.

When will Bush show that to the USC community?


29 thoughts on “What About Reggie Bush’s Retired Jersey?

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  1. Now that the disassociation is over, everything else should be over.

    Bring back the jersey with no restrictions on display – hang it in the Coliseum and leave it retired just like the other Heisman winners.

    Give him his Heisman. If the Heisman trust continue to withhold it then they are indirectly continuing the “disassociation” penalty. Reggie won it so he should be recognized as the “2005 Winner of the Heisman Trophy.”

    Reggie should be treated just like how other USC football alums are treated – same rules to attend practice, be on sideline at games, etc.

    USC uses the phrase “7 Heisman winners from USC.”

    USC has to treat Reggie like a former player for the “disassociation” penalty to truly end.



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  2. Where is my apology and invitation back??!! I didn’t take any money! I just allegedly cut off two people’s heads… I’m still waiting… That boy reggie bush should be out looking for the real killers not worrying about his number at usc.

    #OJisDAbest #ItDidntFit

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    1. Ya know, the trouble is we only got ourselves one murderer alumn, while the ruins have multiple….there’s that ex lapd chick stephanie lazarus who killed her ex lover’s wife…how ex you ask?? Well a good twenty yrs after the fact. Then they had their own serial killer. You remember him, they called him the “dating game killer”, of course he couldn’t graduate because of the little 7 yr old girl lying on his kitchen floor when the cops came knocking….I could go on but why.

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      1. Actually, we don’t have any alumni who are murderers, Moron. The jury said NG. (Well, there could be others of whom I am not aware. But as far as the one to whom you were referring….WRONG.)


      2. Pudly Shut your a$$hole before the “real killer” cut your head off! I’m the greatest to ever walk the campus in south central! USC is nothing without me! I’ve kept the school in the news for the last 50 years! They should name the coliseum after me!

        #ItDidntFit #OJisDabest


      3. Piddlings. You only managed to off two. Two. Alcala did two as an undergrad….well let’s just say that’s all he admitted to. And one that escaped, was a seven yr old. Your not even in the LA top 5.

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      4. “Found culpable” by a civil jury is a far cry from being convicted of a CRIME, Dumbass.


      5. Not being convicted is a far cry from being innocent, just as being convicted can be a far cry from being guilt, bavoso. Just ask the innocence project. Give it up dolt.

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      6. You are innocent until proven guilty. He was not found guilty, so REMAINS innocent, Dumbshyt.


  3. Why should Reggie apologize? The inequity of the NCAA in their sanctions, and the many schools, particularly in the SEC who STILL blatantly give money, or cars, or jobs, or homes to the players and their families, and don’t have any consequences illustrates the reason that he really needn’t apologize. He knows it was wrong, we know it was wrong, but it was really business as usual for many other universities who NEVER apologize for allowing it, nor do the players apologize. Cam Newton never apologized. Shoot, I saw one documentary where a player from Ole Miss was counting his many 100’s in his hand. We all know why he did it. It isn’t rocket science. It was done, he paid MORE than his fair share of the price, the university did, and now we need to move forward. It’s over. Too much pain was suffered by too many people. Right the wrongs and let it go.

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    1. Spot on, JL.
      No apology required.

      Let’s contrast and compare how Cam Newton has conducted himself in the NFL vs how Reggie Bush has conducted himself in the NFL….


    1. Learn to spell you dip shit. What a complete moron who has no brains
      to become senile. Is that the only word you know in the English


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