Morning Buzz: USC Needs More Big Moments

I think the news of Reggie Bush being welcomed back to USC demonstrated something important.

Forget about whether you agree or disagree with the decision, it created a moment of joy for many fans and reminded them what has been missing for too long from the program.

Days like yesterday were commonplace in the Pete Carroll era. But when was the last time you saw USC fans happy like yesterday? The 2017 Rose Bowl?

This is why I talk about raising the standards of the program. There should be frequent high points instead of a 13-12 record the past two seasons.

Big moments are part of the fun of being a USC fan. That’s what is missing.

The question is whether Clay Helton, with a revamped staff, can provide those moments? Winning nine games in a mediocre Pac-12 will not provide many opportunities.

Beat Alabama. Or Oregon. Or Notre Dame. Those games can produce moments. Not beating Arizona or Colorado.

14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Needs More Big Moments

  1. How are they going to feel when Clay Helton smilingly claims a moral victory for losing to Alabama by less than 46 points during the post game press conference in September? Looking forward to that state of euphoria.


  2. I haven’t forgotten how you bashed Pete Carroll, calling him Caesar and stuff. If you didn’t find something or someone to bash you couldn’t write your stuff.

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    1. He never bashed PC. He called him Ceasar out of a tongue in cheek respect because he knew PC ruled USC. (And his middle initial is C.) He knew PC got whatever he wanted, and he called it out. But he never bashed him as I recall.

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      1. Apparently Helen has no idea who Caesar was. He ruled the world until he was betrayed by a close friend. Et tu, Reggie?


  3. A revamped staff means nothing if the head coach is an imbecile, you can’t dodge that fact . It will be another mediocre season, with big stats for individual players, then the Alamo, or Holiday Bowl .

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  4. Reggie is being welcomed back because any objective person realizes he and his family did no more than Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, DJ Fluker and well, the list is endless. Anyone notice the outrage of ANY of the Heisman House Occupants that wanted their ONLY Rule Breaker banished for life from their pristine club? Me neither. Does anyone believe that the only people ever to do more to tarnish the NCAA Pristine Rules than Reggie & USC are Jerry Sandusky and Jerry Tark the Shark? Does anyone believe that Miami got off scot free because the NCAA botched a legitimate investigation rather than botch it on purpose to ALLOW Miami to get off clean? And just speculating here, does anyone think that Duke will get whacked with the same level of penalties for Zion Williamson? All anger, disgust and venom should be directed at Paul Gee (now dead), Missy Conboy, and the likely one pulling the strings behind the curtain Mike Slive (now dead) as Notre Dame and the SEC couldn’t compete with SC on the field and needed to find another way to beat them. The TV networks benefited greatly by being able to promote a “Super Conference” in the SEC than trying to explain 70-17, 50-14, 23-0 to their viewers. The was a Economic Hit Job by the Mob and given the revelations on how money discretely flows into USC, makes one wonder why Pat Haden was so passive about defending Reggie. Just follow the money and who benefited in the last 10 years. SEC, Big Ten, Notre Dame (2 NC Appearances). And after writing this, if the Clintons are Arkansas Boosters, its been nice knowing you.

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    1. Getting to the point where I’m feeling this song….

      Everybody’s talking at me
      I don’t hear a word they’re saying
      Only the echoes of my mind
      People stopping, staring
      I can’t see their faces
      Only the shadows of their eyes
      I’m going where the sun keeps shining
      Through the pouring rain
      Going where the weather suits my clothes

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      1. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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  5. Lyle, USC Fanboy- Boom!

    Pud, thank you for that weird UCLA moment– reminds me of going over to the Westwood house to help haze some Bruins (because you can’t say no to “brotherhood” but really because they don’t know how) and then you hear some Bruin’s say some shit that confirms everything in a way you couldn’t even mock.

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