Daylon McCutcheon’s Son Commits To Washington

Dyson McCutcheon, the son of former USC star Daylon McCutcheon, has committed to Washington.

Dyson is a three-star cornerback from Bishop Amat High School in La Puente. For whatever reason, I’ve heard Dyson never had USC among his top choices.

One of the coaches at Washington that recruited Dyson is former USC safety Will Harris.

23 thoughts on “Daylon McCutcheon’s Son Commits To Washington

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    1. Peaceful Moderate Democrats promise more rioting and looting like they tried to pull in 90210 Friday night…

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      1. Being reported that LB Eli’jah Winston has undergone surgery for a broken ankle and is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks.

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    LSU Aligns Itself With Black Lives Matter In Effort To Destroy Football Program
    LSU Facebook Page ^
    Posted on 6/13/2020, 11:51:57 AM by Uncle Sham

    I am sure this is the first of many college programs that will go full NFL activist. Their fans will be severely divided by this and rightly so. Sports, Music, Acting, Arts, all of them need to stick with their specialty rather than engage in divisive politics. It looks like college football is next on the liberal chopping block. Get ready.

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    1. You Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters are ready to go after The Father of Our Country:


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