USC Sunday Buzz: Norm Chow On Reggie Bush

Former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow addressed the Reggie Bush situation with Lance Medow on Mad Dog Sports Radio on Sirius XM on Sunday morning.

“It’s probably a complicated issue, he was taking whatever and players were asking about the money and the gifts,” Chow said. “I just wish, when all this is said and done, he owns up to it because the times are different now.

“What people have to understand as well was, that football team was special. There were a lot of great football players on that team that deserve recognition. It’s a little more complicated than it seems but Reggie is a very special young man.”

  • USC has said wide receiver Kyle Ford (first reported by tore his ACL. That means Ford has torn the ACL in both knees in the past three years. Also, linebacker Eli’jah Winston underwent surgery for a broken ankle per the Athletic.

31 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Norm Chow On Reggie Bush

      1. Poor s-head is so grumpy since he discovered the latest reason for his fellow Peaceful Moderate Democrats to riot is all a sham. Poor baby!


    1. Disturbing statement. Sounds like it would have been easier for the NCAA to give Chow the Show Cause instead of McNair since it appears he was at least aware of a potential problem. Of course, Chow got out of there at the end of 2004.

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      1. If Norm were stupid I’d just suggest he consult lawyers before commenting on knowledge of rules violations going on under his nose. But Norm is far from stupid. He’s basically saying that EVERYBODY was aware of Reggie’s transgressions while they were still going on. Implicit premise:
        Pete was aware….

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      2. gt –At the very least, I think this could open up a new wave of interview requests… which is the last thing Pete or Reggie [or Mike Bohn] feel like dealing with right now….

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  1. “What people have to understand as well was, that football team was special. There were a lot of great football players on that team that deserve recognition.”

    Yep – seems like the Orange Bowl could have been a 50 point victory, after the game was all but over by halftime. Jason White throws three interceptions, and the Trojan D held Adrian Peterson to about 3 yards per carry.

    I believe Griese (but possible could have been a diff commentator) say something like “this is as close to an NFL team at the college ranks that you will ever see.”


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      1. Yes sir, I believe that he had received the Heisman the year before and I think that Peterson was runnerup either to Leinart or Reggie.

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      2. I think if I remember right it was White (previous) vs Leinert (current) with Reggie wining the following season beating out VY. Not sure about Adrian. Thanks ‘67

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    1. Yet what is incredible is that in the 2005 NFL Draft Oklahoma had eleven players drafted off their team while USC had five. Logical thinking would probably have led most to believe that USC would have more based on the beat down they gave the Sooners.

      Although I think USC’s number was slightly down because they had more players electing to come back.


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      1. We had the Dream Team of Pete, Naamie and Ed. As great a coaching staff as the McKay/Robinson era of dominance. Then Ed left and Pete thought he could replace Naamie with his basketball buddies and the rest is history.

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  2. That was a beat down for the ages. Especially when you heard after the game that the OU line men were begging for the Trojans to take it is easy on them because they didn’t want to be embarrassed. They were calling uncle by halftime because of the beat down they were ensuring. Good times before the NCAA showed up with their biased hypocrisy.

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    1. One of the funniest things I ever read was the “game thread” on the Oklahoma Board. Seeing these guys meltdown in real-time was almost as good as the game. F’n Classic…game & thread!
      If somebody has that thread, please (!!!) post the link.

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    2. Disagree Booger.

      Alabama 52 – Bozo U 6 and zero TD’s. Talk about a classic FB beat down.

      Down 38-3 the Bozos kick a 45 + FG knowing they couldn’t score a TD.

      “Alabama’s 52-6 win make it SUCCX worst opening day loss in over 100 years and SUCCX worst loss in over the last 50 years. Hubba, Hubba!

      Alabama’s record is now 6-2 vs USC.

      #Bozo U FB shocks the world on national TV @ Tixas Stadium.


  3. The very thought that Little Petey (and the Emperor) were ignorant of Bush receiving illegal cash from a wannabe sports agent is ludicrous.


  4. Hey owns worry about your own damn cheating program you stalker. Straight quote from Petey the” NCAAs investigation team have never once reached out to me for a interview about the Reggie Bush situational.” wannabe agents payments to his family while playing at USC. Then in the Mcnair case we found out truth about how they assumed Coach Pete Carol knew everything when they didn’t have one shred of evidence that he did. No one knew but Reggie and his parents. Spineless Haden did nothing for his Alma mater and the rest is history. Have another shot you lush owns, Trying to change history like typical liberal lefty loon!

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    1. I’ll stick to my story; you pull your head out. According to N. Chow, the whole Bozo team knew Bush received illegal cash. During Bush’s late heyday he drove a styled, late model pimpmobile that no honest Bozo FB player could possibly afford.

      BTW booger, “liberal lefty loon(s)” don’t need two hands to take a drink of water or a WP General’s help to navigate down a 0.5% grade dry ramp.


  5. Last I heard is that McNair’s current challenge is whether the NCAA’s Show Cause Penalty violated California State Labor Law. If I am correct, this Chow Revelation should have no impact on this issue.

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    1. “During Bush’s late heyday he drove a styled, late model pimpmobile that no honest Bozo FB player could possibly afford.”

      Owns, is this the car of which you speak? 1972 Chevelle?

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  6. Anyone here ignorant enough to think that shady things do not go on now? You think these powerhouse teams in the South are just giving free “education.”


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