Rick Caruso Buys Full-Page Ad In L.A. Times

Rick Caruso, who is chair of the USC Board of Trustees, bought a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times today.

It could be another step toward launching a bid to run for Mayor of Los Angeles, which he said in past interviews was a possibility.

Excerpt from the ad: “Redemption requires admission. It requires contrition. I know I can never fully understand what the Black community experiences: the fear, pain and anguish of oppression and inequality.  Over the past two weeks I have listened and tried to gain understanding.  What became very clear to me is that, as well-intentioned I have been, and as hard as I’ve tried, I’ve fallen short. I’ve tried my best over many years to help in the best way I know how to support and work with organizations that serve the most underprivileged children in Watts. I realize now that I need to do more and haven’t done enough and for this I am sorry.”

You can read the full statement here.

Caruso was national finance and California campaign co-chair for John Kasich’s presidential bid in 2016.

46 thoughts on “Rick Caruso Buys Full-Page Ad In L.A. Times

  1. If he can force Clay Helton out, I’m sure that would be good for a significant number of votes.




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    1. Yes, firing Helton would be nice —but assuming someone does, I’m not sure he or she should become Mayor of Los Angeles…….

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      1. If not a position of elected office, I’d suggest a statue but we know statues might not be the best option in these best of times, worst of times.



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  2. Can you imagine that clown running Los Angeles the same way the board trustees allowed George Tyndall, Max Nikias, Pat Haden, and Lynn Swann run amuck? 😂😂😂 But then again, that will probably qualify Rick Caruso to become the next Mayor

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  3. Help me remember –was Caruso the guy who ordered security to lead an Asian American Professor out of a board meeting because he was experiencing difficulty communicating in the 1 minute Caruso allotted him? By “supporting the most underprivileged kids in Watts” is Caruso referring to being peripherally involved in gifting one free week of summer camp to a few dozen children?

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    1. Michael, yes, that is the one and only Rick Caruso. And while his fellow board member was trying to gather his thoughts, Rick was heard counting “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…”

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      1. 67 –I guess he’s grown a lot during this “time of deliberate self reflection.”
        [Lots of genuine low points in Caruso’s manifesto…but my favorite is “we have to FIND what we LOST—something we never FOUND in the first place”….]

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    2. MG, maybe Rick can show his contrition about his White Privilege by hosting summer camp for all of the underprivileged children of Watts at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Resort in Montecito he just opened?

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      1. Good Idea Department! Underprivileged kids love rubbing elbows with Steve Martin and Brad Pitt…
        [Campaign Manager to Rick; “You can’t say nothing!”
        Rick: “You’re right. Draft something for me to sign”]……

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      2. That new hotel has a private beach club. I have a friend who joined and he tells me that Caruso is there every once in a while, bossing around the serving staff with an occasional demeaning remark thrown their way.

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      3. Demeaning remarks? Not anymore, 67. Rick hasn’t been quiet for the last 2 weeks because he doesn’t “care” —he’s been in a dark room thinking and growing —kinda like the process Rene Descartes went through before writing The Meditations……

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  4. To say this guy has political ambitions would be an understatement.
    Perhaps he can use his yacht for youth parties.
    This is the most disingenuous statement I have ever seen or heard.
    Apologize for what? That is pure self aggrandizement. Egomania
    at its fullest display. Hopefully he’ll be elected mayor, or maybe dog catcher,
    and SC can be rid of him. Sheeesh, unbelievable!

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  5. “I’ve tried my best over many years to help in the best way I know how to support and work with organizations that serve the most underprivileged children in Watts. ”

    As Rick asks for redemption, he fails to realize that Watts is populated largely by people of Hispanic descent. And it has been this way for decades. Schools are about 90% Hispanic.

    I now see why USC has really flourished under Rick’s watch. He is so remarkably attuned to the university, just sharp as a tack, and he has such a close eye for detail.


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  6. Caruso is another conservative Republican who has done a terrible job
    with USC on the BOT . He will not get my vote for anything.


    1. “Caruso was national finance and California campaign co-chair for John Kasich’s presidential bid in 2016.”

      And you think Caruso is a “conservative Republican?” Not with that on his resume.

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  7. I don’t know who this guy is, but I appreciate that he acknowledges a problem. I also think John Kasich should’ve been the Republican nominee. I’m sorry that “owning the libs” was more important than electing an honest and competent administrator.


    1. I think Caruso should have spent the $25K or however much it cost for the Times Sunday Ad on redoing a playground at a Watts school with an anonymous donation rather than trumpeting a self-serving ask for “redemption”.

      But I doubt you’ll ever see an anonymous gift from Caruso.

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      1. A dozen times a year or more I read about [and see portrait photos] of some Los Angeles kid who’s been severely beaten up by his dad for snoring or eating a piece of dad’s birthday cake or some other shit like that. Maybe Caruso could adopt one of those kids.

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      2. btw—a full page ad in the Times costs about $100,000…

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      3. Ha!! $100K? I am guessing Websters has a picture of Rick under the definition of “narcissism”.

        And if you want to talk about tone-deaf, remember how hard it was to get Caruso and his BOT buddies to fire Nikias?

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      4. I have to defer to your knowledge of the man, but he’s off to a decent start with me. Certainly, I’ve seen people say and do less and I’m not going to condemn this guy for doing something.


      5. Explain to us in 25 words or less what Rick actually “did” besides grovel to political correctness and position himself to be the next Mayor of La La Land….

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  8. If Clay Helton is still coach, it shows a horrible acumen for crucial decision making. I do not care if he has money, he has no clue what fans desire which are his voters.

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  9. Caruso is an absolute jackass.
    “We stand in solidarity with the demonstrators!”

    “Our malls are a gathering place for all!”

    Yet he has speech codes and literally bans L.A. people for their political speech that doesn’t even happen at his malls. (Look up Manny Pacquaio.) Anyone who disagrees with his highness is accused of ‘hate’ and not welcome.


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