Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Reggie Bush

He got a royal welcome back from USC and will get his jersey retired again. And didn’t even need to make a public apology.

Miller Moss

Commits to USC and transfers to Mater Dei in same week. Now he just needs to deal with Jake Garcia.

Daylon McCutcheon

The former USC star’s son, Dyson, committed to Washington.

Andy Enfield

He finally beefed up the non-conference schedule. Does he realize USC needs to do it for its NCAA Tournament hopes or was he nudged by his superiors?


Rufus von KleinSmid

He no longer has his name on VKC. Did anyone really like having a class there or use the library? Maybe they should tear it down and start over.

Clay Helton

The good news is the Alabama game might be in a half-empty stadium. The bad news is Alabama will still be there.

USC football roster

Kyle Ford tore his ACL while Eli’jah Winston broke his ankle. And voluntary workouts have not even started yet.

23 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Loser the university’s 5th president. I guess eugenics is in popular so for all of the good the lump in the “bad” and kick out one of the most influential presidents the university ever had. I wonder if the planned parenthood group on campus is next? They don’t openly praise eugenics any more but they will go in and yank the undesirable child right out of there.
    This week I’m a loser because of the ads displayed between stories this morning. The ads I am seeing looks like a person sitting on a toilet with the spray gadget from the kitchen sink with the caption “eliminate the need for toilet paper.” I am going to have potty training nightmares for a week.
    If I ever get famous enough to have something named after me, the name won’t last long. I watched Warner Brothers cartoons way back when they had guns in them. I giggled but I never laughed out loud.
    I’m sure I have supported quite a few things that were popular over the past 65 years (Like Nixon and Reagan) so I won’t be expecting my name on anything except a headstone.

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    1. Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a supporter of Eugenics, somehow I doubt we close all of the baby killing clinics, uh I mean, well, you know.

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      1. Let me know when they rename Planned Parenthood “Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood” and then we can have the discussion about taking her name off the organization.

        It’s not like they closed down USC because of von KleinSmid.


      2. They haven’t closed down USC because of RVK, but they are flushing him down the toilet. As far as I know PP hasn’t done that to Sanger.

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    2. Scott —funniest observation of the week? “Alabama will still be there.” Missed opportunity of the week? Jerry Jones is under scrutiny for not being excited enough about players kneeling before games —-so there could conceivably be more people protesting outside his “world” than cheering inside it. Added bullet point to ‘losers” of the week? A certain Board Chair —whose empty (but ‘mission-filled’) rhetoric sounds a lot like it was drafted by the same speech writer used by Folt… or Bohn…or Helton.
      To my blog buddy:
      I hope the occasion is many, many years off — but the name “Truman” looks pretty damn good on a headstone.

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  2. von Kleinschmid really was a loser here, given that Folt did not even highlight that when RFK returned from Europe in the late 1930s, that he was horrified about Nazi Aryanism and in particular the Nazi views about Jews.

    I understand how people are feeling right now, but as far as RFK goes, he and his family deserved much better than simply taking down his name from the bldg in the middle of the night and hiding his bust in some basement.

    He also worked very hard to integrate USC’s mission much more in terms of international relations, including Japan and other parts of Asia.

    Does Folt even know any of this?

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    1. “Does Folt even know any of this?” Folt isn’t into nuance. If there’s a stampede on, she’s going to join it.
      True story: I was in Los Angeles for the Floyd Mayweather/Canelo Alvarez fight [and was taking a rare taxi ride to the Pasadena bar showing the fight since I just had an eye examination]. On the way, I told the taxi driver that some politician he said he liked was, in reality, an asshole. I can’t remember exactly what he said but the gist of it was —he knew this person wasn’t perfect but, being a Muslim, he didn’t expect perfection from any person —only Allah had All the virtues, the rest of us only had a finite number.
      Maybe it’s time we all stopped judging. We all have a long way to go to get to perfection. [The rotten part about this observation is it means we have to lay off Caruso, Folt and Helton]……

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      1. P. S.
        Yeah —the more I think about it, let’s forget the wisdom of the taxi driver….

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    1. Ken, bingo. And I suspect that her long-term goal is for RFK to be completely forgotten. That will probably be a part of her new Cultural Revolution re-education programs, mandatory for all.

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      1. Ha! [We’ll all be better off spared the delicious agony of difficult situations & choices, a world where complex truths are replaced with simple inaccuracies]……..

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  3. “re-education” = Indoctrination?
    I think we are in for a long bumpy ride. We have to be careful what we wish for, the cure might be worse.

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  4. When I think of SC la presidanté, the first association that comes to mind is UCSB. Geebus !!
    That school’s reputation is right up there with UC Santa Cruz. And Chico St. My guess is 95%+ of current SC undergrads don’t consider UCSB or UC@banana slug or Velveeta St as worthy second college choices.


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    1. In Carol Folt, Mike Bohn got exactly —and I mean EXACTLY—what he was looking for….

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      1. Ha! [Forget that fake beard —- we all recognize those horrifying images of the teenage Carol Folt leading the rioters]!

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  5. Ken, you raise the issue of indoctrination. In Folt’s letter from last week, she indicated that there would be several mandatory training programs to address “unconscious thoughts and biases. ”

    Brother, I’ll call that indoctrination. I hope I am wrong about the new Chairperson Mao.

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  6. Wolf will always get the radio interviews because he has Petros or possibly dirt on those in control but he will never get the 1 on 1 interviews with any Trojans Coach in any sport. If USC wins the National Championship in Football or Basketball he won’t get the opportunity that Fred Rogin, Bill Platch-Kee (is that right?), Colin Cowherd, almost everyone else that follows USC.

    You say Enfield is a winner this week and then you kick him at the end.

    That’s just pure jealous one’s envy.

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  7. Who the heck hired Dolt? She has a terrible reputation as an appeaser of progressive causes. AND she doesn’t support athletics….


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