USC Morning Buzz: From Board Of Trustees To Mayor?

Hey, let’s start off the day with something to make you smile. Or not.

The New York Times did a profile of Rick Caruso, the chairman of the USC Board of Trustees. Naturally, it spends quite a bit of time on whether he will run for mayor (he is interested).

“I’ll campaign for him,” actress Gwyneth Paltrow said. “I’ll make the T-shirts.”

That just about sums up USC in the Max Nikias age. It’s all about star power and wealth.

There’s a big difference between being elected mayor in Los Angeles and using your money, power and influence to head the USC Board of Trustees.

Here’s what attorney John Manly said via twitter: “The idea that USC Board Chair Rick Caruso can deny victims of USC predator doctor George Tyndall access to the courts, lobby against them in Sacramento & hide the truth about what SC knew & when they knew it about Tyndall & then be mayor is delusional & profoundly narcissistic.”

Good luck!

  • Here is something I forgot to include in the women’s basketball item last night. Assistant coach Blanche Alverson has left to become an assistant coach at Georgia Tech. And USC coach Mark Trakh appears to have deleted his twitter account. I’m sure Lynn Swann is aware of all this.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: From Board Of Trustees To Mayor?

  1. Lynn Swann looks more like a fool every day, Mark Trakh was such a reach , it was like Swann was too lazy to conduct a proper national search. If Clay Helton gets fired at seasons end, Swann will have cost USC millions of dollars to buyout Helton’s contract because he gave him a 4 year extension. When will USC’s new President, Carol Fault realize that a buffoon is running her University’s athletic department?

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  2. Oh you mean the supposed “predator doctor” who reportedly had Playboy magazines in a storage locker and clinical photos he probably is required to keep for a period of years by law? Or that his victims never knew they were harmed until the LA Times expose? The doctor reportedly lived a playboy lifestyle. Is that a crime? Where is the justice? Or does concocted social justice for women (reparations) advocated by the Me Too Movement together with a powerful law firm and the LA Times constitute “justice”? This is all about plundering the school’s endowment in the name of social justice.

    This is the same university that drummed Bubba Bolden out of college for what? Verbally responding to a group of women athletes who were provoking him? Was he given 3 warnings? Were the provocateurs warned?

    Get rid of the Title 9 kangaroo court and the layer of lawyers who enforce campus behavior that usurp the police. They have to justify their lucrative jobs and their social status with a powerful ideology of Me Too.

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  3. “Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade Was Reportedly on the USC Board of Trustees Chairman’s (Rick Caruso) YACHT When the Scandal Broke”

    Translation: That clown Rick Caruso’s name is mud. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t have enough sense to convince the USC BOT to get rid of the idiots (Swann & Helton) running USC Trojan football into the ground. Caruso couldn’t see the looming financial disaster that Trojan football is about to become when record low attendance gets broadcast nationwide this coming CFB season because he didn’t have the balls to have Swann and Helton replaced.

    Caruso failed to notice the corruption going on right under his nose in USC’s incompetent Athletic Directors department that eventually led to a nationwide scandal.

    And Caruso wants to manage Los Angeles?

    That clown Caruso is delirious.

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  4. Somewhere between Wayne and tebow’s posts lies the truth (but Wayne is closer). Anybody who doesn’t understand the degree to which lawyers are capable of “creating” victims in these multi plaintiff cases just isn’t paying attention or reading between the lines. Once a claim is made against any wealthy defendant these days, scores of other victims —with the help of lawyers, legal assistants and investigators—emerge from the woodwork, having recovered their own memories of similar abuse. Goofy juries, educated by HBO specials, eat it up. I’m not commenting on the facts of the Tyndall case specifically —because I don’t know enough about them —-but the phenomenon of the manufactured “group” lawsuit is a growing legal problem. Although cases don’t really get automatically stronger when the number of claims goes from 3 to 300 (each claim should be scrutinized on its own merits), soft minded jurors don’t see it that way —-making wealthy individuals and institutions easy pickings.

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  5. I’m confused and I suspect I’m not alone ….

    Just who exactly is attorney John Manly? Why does his weird comments matter?

    Caruso would be a great fit for the mayor’s office compared to the current and past mayors LA has had – Hahn, Villaraigosa and Garcetti. Nothing is ever done to improve the lives of Angelinos save more ‘junk science ordinances, canonizing the bums and addicts and adding more and more taxes in other words typical ‘demoncrats’.

    What’s so wrong about being wealthy as Caruso – of being able to travel and do so with a beautiful yacht? He’s light years ahead compared to Garcetti and Hahn who both got ‘boosted’ because their daddies were politicoes and in Garcetti’s case his condescending smirk is ‘to the manor borne’.

    Caruso’s life will be hit as Trump’s has because, like Trump, he’s not beholden to anyone which means he’ll move to make real change instead of doing the bidding of the SEIU and LAFD in particular.

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    1. Trump is beholden to the Russians. Trump’s constant ass kissing of Vladimir Putin is sickening. Trump believing Putin over his own U.S. Intel agencies when Putin said he (Russia) didn’t interfere in the 2016 General Election is ludicrous. For decades republicans railed against Russia and how they were hell bent on destroying the U.S., but since Trump has gone out of his way to praise Putin, the KGB murderous corrupt filth, all of a sudden republicans believe Russia and Putin have nothing but good intentions toward the U.S. and actually want to have friendly relations. Talk about naive.


      1. Yeah I’d say the same thing if the focus was finally going to be shined on ‘la bruja’ and her sale of 20% of USA uranium assets to a Russian conglomerate along with her paying $10 mil. for the ‘Steele Dossier’ which was the basis of Comey’s FISA request against Trump. Funny thing is that after it was proven false (yesterday’s NYT) why didn’t klintonska chevrolet demand her money be paid back. Oh that’s right it wouldn’t have mattered just as long as she won the white house and hey her election committee was the source of the payout.

        You clowns were so hoping Trump’s White House counsel Don McGhan would have fired Mueller just as Robert Bork did for Nixon firing Archibald Cox….but he didn’t did he? Ah gee now what? Let’s claim we’re still committed to ‘concern’ for the nation while we continue to ram our perv culture down the kids mouths everyday….go JFK!

        Let’s see of ‘barakska’ has his mitts in this cover-up too….

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      2. The democrats are just as corrupt as the republicans, neither party worth a shit, neither party working for anyones best interest except their own.

        This elected government that we have now needs to be overthrown and the country needs to start over without corporate interest being able to buy off politicians.


      3. You’ve been misled by the Fake News Mediacrats Top 50 Fake Russian Collusion Stories:

        1. New York magazine, McClatchy:

        Michael Cohen went to Prague.


        Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie, and Mueller has emails proving it.

        3.The New York Times:

        Paul Manafort passed polling information to Kremlin.


        Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein forced out.

        5.NBC News:

        Federal investigators wiretapped Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, have recordings of Trump.

        6.Associated Press:

        Phony Russia dossier was initially funded by Republican group.

        7.ABC News:

        Donald Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential campaign

        8.Talking Points Memo:

        Russian social media company provided documents to Senate about communications with Trump official.


        Donald Trump Jr. conspired with WikiLeaks.

        10.Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal:

        Robert Mueller subpoenaed Trump’s Deutsche Bank records.

        11.ABC News:

        Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort worked with Russia intelligence-connected official as late as December 2017.

        12.The New York Times:

        Trump Deputy National Security adviser K.T. McFarland lied about another official’s contacts with Russians.


        Trump’s campaign was never wiretapped.

        14.NBC News:

        Manafort notes from Russian meeting refer to political contributions.

        15.The New York Times:

        Seventeen intelligence agencies concur Russia hacked the 2016 presidential race.


        Congress investigating Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.

        17.The New York Times:

        Former FBI Director James Comey says Attorney General Jeff Sessions told him not to call Russia probe an investigation but “a matter.”


        James Comey will testify he never told Trump he was not under investigation.

        19.NBC News:

        Putin admits he has compromising information about Trump.

        20.Politico, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, AP, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal:

        Trump fired Comey after Comey asked for additional resources for the Russia investigation.

        21.The New York Times:

        Numerous contacts between Trump campaign staff and “senior Russian intelligence officials.”


        Among others, a Trump family member will be indicted on February 8.

        23.The Guardian:

        Paul Manafort visited WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on three occasions.

        24.The Washington Post:

        Trump campaign changed GOP platform on Ukraine.

        25.The Atlantic:

        Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied about meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.


        Michael Cohen really did visit Prague.


        Trump is lying when he calls Russia dossier “phony.”


        RT had hacked into and taken over C-SPAN and C-SPAN “confirmed” it had been hacked.

        29.USA Today, MSNBC, Associated Press:

        Russia’s hacked the election systems of 21 American states.

        30.The Washington Post, ABC News, CNN:

        Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont.

        31.The Washington Post:

        “More than 200 websites” were “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season.”

        32.NBC News, MSNBC:

        Russia is the main suspect in the sonic attacks that sickened 26 U.S. diplomats.


        Trump created a secret Internet server to covertly communicate with a Russian bank.


        Donald Trump knew in advance of the Trump Tower meeting.


        Mueller Report will show Trump “has helped” Putin “destabilize” the United States.


        Russia supports Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI).


        Sessions failed to disclose meetings he had with the Russian ambassador.


        “There’s actually lots of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.”

        39.The Washington Post, The New York Times, NPR, Reuters, the Guardian, USA Today, CNN, BuzzFeed:

        Trump revealed classified information to Russians.

        40.The Washington Post:

        House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Russia paid Trump.

        41.Fox News:

        Mueller can show Trump campaign “had a connection to Russian intelligence.”


        “Rudy Giuliani just told America that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia.”

        43.The Washington Post:

        Evidence suggests Trump could be a Russian “asset.”


        Russians began hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails on the day Donald Trump joked about it in July 2016.

        Russia spy visited Trump’s Oval Office.


        Phony Russia dossier has been “corroborated.”


        Donald Trump Jr. lied under oath about Trump Tower deal in Moscow.

        48.NBC, The Hill, New York Daily News:

        Russia successfully hacked voting systems in a number of states.


        Trump is “bonkers” for claiming Hillary Clinton behind Russia dossier.


        “Every intelligence expert, both under the Obama administration and under the Trump administration,” agrees with the assessment that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

        and a bonus Mediacrat lie:


        Ukrainian president “authorized” an illegal payment of $400,000 to Michael Cohen for additional face time during a June 2017 meeting with President Trump.

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