USC Knows Its Summer Schedule Now

The NCAA Division I Council has approved a schedule USC can follow heading toward its season opener vs. Alabama on Sept. 5.

July 13: Eight hours of weight training, conditioning sessions and film review a week.

July 24: Twenty hours including meetings and walk-throughs.

August 7: Training camp.

17 thoughts on “USC Knows Its Summer Schedule Now

    1. Saw this. It’s not football tho. I hope you don’t mind too much….

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      1. I would sometimes watch these guys run and practice their hand offs. Lennox Miller was the anchor. Pretty sure he won a gold medal in Olympics. Earl McCullough could fly. Remember him blocking for OJ in 1967 on his 67 yard scamp through the horse shit Bruin defense. Ah, another natty! Shove that Owns and of course Bucket where the sun don’t shine cause we know you are out there.

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      2. Thanks Mike, your commentary has always been great. I’ve got an OJ signature from 84 where he had a full page ad. Crazy the way the world turns..

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      3. 22 – thanks for the link. I had no idea Miller has passed away. Nice guy, great runner and a credit to humanity.

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  1. I am sure (I hope) that Doughboy has worked out a schedule with his coaches. That is what I want to see. Including S&C. Tackling and competition like they mean it.

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      1. Aw, 22 –I bet there are plenty of people on this blog that could, would and have duplicated that effort……

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