USC Asks Season-Ticket Holders To “Opt In” Or “Opt Out”

Here is the statement from USC regarding season tickets. It wants you to “opt in” or “opt out.”

If you opt in, it does not guarantee you will receive tickets:

As a first step in the process, we are asking you to indicate whether or not you would attend the 2020 season if fans are permitted in the Coliseum. Specifically, you will be required to either “opt-in” to the 2020 season, which would advance you to the next phase of the ticket allocation process, or you can choose to “opt-out” of the 2020 season for any reason.

Please note that even if you opt-in at this point in the process, you will have the ability to opt-out at any time. Additionally, opting-in does not guarantee that you will receive all or any of your tickets, as the specific capacity limitations remain unknown at this time. The purpose of this form is simply to state your intent for the upcoming season. 

For either selection, the information below includes our policies as they relate to season tickets and Trojan Athletic Fund memberships, as well as what we believe will be some of the impacted aspects of the game day experience.

Most importantly, we understand that many of you may not feel comfortable attending games in the current climate and/or based on the potential modifications to the game day experience, so we want to be clear that the decision is up to you. You will not lose your priority seating location or experience any other negative impacts for 2021 should you exercise your right to opt-out of this season.

2020 Policies: In recognition of the fact that there are many factors outside of our control, we will consider a full 2020 season to include four (4) or more home games.

  • Season Tickets & Trojan Athletic Fund membership:
    • OPT-IN – Your tickets are renewed in full or set-up on an existing payment plan, and your TAF membership is paid in full, on an active payment plan or we have received a renewal payment. If you wish to opt-in or are curious about a potential seating location, please select OPT-IN using the form below. You can always opt-out at a later date.
    • OPT-OUT
      • If you choose to OPT-OUT of the 2020 season, we will credit your season ticket payments to the 2021 season.
      • Regarding payments made to your TAF membership, you may credit payments made in 2020 toward your 2021 TAF membership OR convert payments to a 100% tax-deductible gift to help support our student-athletes. We will follow up with more information regarding these two options in the coming weeks.

Game Day Experience: The categories below outline some of the protocols that will be in place for the 2020 season in order to protect the well-being of our Trojan Family.

  • We expect that all fans will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the football game.
  • Seat Location: We will make every effort to accommodate your current seating location. However, due to the likelihood of a reduced capacity stadium and social distancing guidelines, your current seats may not be available to you. Additionally, TAF members may have their seat quantities reduced and will likely be required to select an alternative seat location for the 2020 season only. Seating options may also be in a different price level or Trojan Athletic Fund membership area. Should this change your decision to attend the 2020 season once you view the options, you are welcome to opt-out at that point.
  • Game Day Traditions: Tailgating, the Trojan Walk, the Band Walk, and Fan Fest will be significantly limited and potentially removed altogether as a result of social distancing guidelines.
  • Coliseum Amenities/Public Spaces: Concession stands, restrooms, elevators, United Airlines Coliseum Clubs, and other private and public premium spaces throughout the Coliseum will adapt to follow social distancing guidelines and capacity will be limited.

At this time, we ask you to indicate if you would like to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of attending the 2020 season* by completing the form below. Please remember that you can always opt-out at a later date should you decide not to attend this year.

38 thoughts on “USC Asks Season-Ticket Holders To “Opt In” Or “Opt Out”

      1. Your ‘mask-as-first-amendment-forum’ concept opens up many possibilities….

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      1. Let’s see, Rose Bowl “bruin max capacity” prob about 75,000. I out 3 would be 25,000. Yep, that seems about right.

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  1. Hey, since we spent $1 billion on overpriced protective personal equipment, can we have “Fire Helton” stenciled on the masks and respirators?


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  2. I’ll leave this here for gotroll22…

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iowa Governor (R) Kim Reynolds has committed to restoring voting rights to those with past felony convictions, according to a Radio Iowa report, potentially expanding the electorate in a state that could be competitive in the Nov. 3 presidential election

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    1. I’ll leave this here for senileobama aka Gargamel aka Caly Russell aka s-head:


    1. The House of Representatives needs to impeach Trump again and subpoena John Bolton to testify on all his allegations of Trump wrongdoings.


      1. Why do you Dumbocrats always double down on stupid? Bolton was discredited 4 months ago, don’t you remember, you brainless lying Libtard?

        John Bolton Admits Last-Minute Impeachment Leak Was A Publicity Stunt

        FEBRUARY 20, 2020

        By Tristan Justice

        Former National Security Advisor John Bolton admitted Wednesday that his testimony in President Donald Trump’s recent impeachment proceedings involving Ukraine would have had no impact on the trial’s outcome even after sections of his upcoming book leaked attempting to convict the president in its final days.

        “People can argue about what I should have said and what I should have done,” Bolton said at Vanderbilt University Wednesday night during a forum with his predecessor Susan Rice, according to ABC News. “I will bet you a dollar right here and now my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.”

        Rice challenged Bolton’s decision to remain silent throughout the process despite not ever being subpoenaed by the House or Senate in the proceedings.

        “It’s inconceivable to me that if I had firsthand knowledge of a gross abuse of presidential power, that I would withhold my testimony,” Rice said. “I would feel like I was shamefully violating my oath that I took to support and defend the Constitution.”

        Bolton argued that the House botched the process and condemned House Democrats for having committed “impeachment malpractice.”

        “The process drove Republicans who might have voted for impeachment away from the president because it was so partisan,” Bolton claimed.

        Bolton’s new book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” is expected to reveal what Bolton might have said had he been forced to testify before lawmakers in the impeachment proceedings.

        In the final days of the impeachment trial, sections of Bolton’s upcoming book were leaked to the New York Times, featuring Bolton accusing Trump of tying the nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine with politically motivated investigations as Democrats alleged. The leak happened to come on the same day the book became available for online pre-order revealing the move as nothing more than a publicity stunt.


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    2. John Bolton discredited himself by hawking a book. If he really had evidence of misdeeds he would have gone the whistleblower route like your hero Eric-bo Ciaramella.

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      1. “Senate Republicans blocked an attempt by Democrats to include a deal on former national security adviser John Bolton’s testimony in the impeachment trial rules.”

        And with that, gotroll22 got owned again.

        No matter, Trump is toast come November, the orange fool is unwell, can’t walk down a ramp without falling down and spills water all over himself even with the use of a sippy cup.


    1. Tailgating, the Trojan Walk, the Band Walk, and Fan Fest will be significantly limited and potentially removed altogether is a plan all right, a bad one not based on science.


      1. Clay-dough, give us a 5000 word essay without saying anything. Nobody does that better than you, you pompous windbag.


  3. Politics will always be with us….but USC’s chances of winning big games will not. The football program can always crow about their overly-hyped players but if the perennial problems of lack of game preparation, game adjustments, and game strategy, lack of teaching football fundamentals, discipline, toughness, and motivation are passed over, then solid teams like Iowa will always beat the Trojans by a margin of 25 points. And really good teams like Alabama…..?

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  4. A very thinly veiled threat to do away with the band. Don’t you know blowing air through trombones pushes COVID-19 at least 120 yards down field and Tribute to Troy is all trombone. So the solution is to have drums and xylophone wearing masks no air being projected through the lungs at the unsuspecting 33k crowd.
    I can hear it now ; tink tinkle tink tinkle tink tink tinkle tink tonk. Rumble rumble. …

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  5. gotroll22 may have a nervous breakdown after seeing this, Bunker Boy Trump just got bitchslapped again by SCOTUS…

    Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA in big win for ‘Dreamers’

    Chief Justice John Roberts was the swing vote in the 5-4 decision, which deals a big legal defeat to President Donald Trump on the issue of immigration.

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    1. Yeah, Trump is racking up the losses at the SCOTUS and there’s more to come soon. What an absolute disaster of a presidency. You have to wonder how long the rats are going to try to stay on the ship.


      1. senile obama actually supports this pervert!


      2. Gee in Clay-doughs Bizarro World it’s Trump’s fault Globalist Hillary supporter Bush appointed John Roberts.


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