USC Morning Buzz: A Great Line Some Might Overlook In Athletes’ Statement

Here was a great line that might have been overlooked in yesterday’s statement from the United Black Student-Athletes Assn.

“USC must prioritize our lives and well-being over pandering to boosters and donors.”

I almost feel like I wrote that.

It’s quite a statement when athletes are even saying this and I doubt many boosters or donors saw this yesterday. The key word is “pandering.” It’s a necessary part of being at USC or any college to interact with boosters and donors.

But it can probably be unbearable when you feel like you must do it simply for money.

49 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Great Line Some Might Overlook In Athletes’ Statement

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    2. Grandpa Pudly76 loves to make attempts to hijack Scott Wolfs page πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. What a old fart he is . Ain’t that right cry baby 😭 Go Ruins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  1. The blogger couldn’t have written the line he refers to because it is grammatically correct, all the words are spelled correctly and the punctuation is spot on.


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  2. USC Fan Boy, leave Pudly76 alone, he’s a close family friend, and takes over Cock sucking duties for me when I’m out of town, and my husband’s home alone.


  3. I sure as hell don’t mind athletes pointing out that USC leadership needs to do more than give their well being slick lip service. Every time I read the insincere remarks of Caruso, Folt, Bohn and Helton I feel like puking. Folks in power positions won’t be allowed to get away with empty words much longer — which is why lots of legitimate grievances are being aired at this moment. (But) Maybe it’s time for folks to look beneath the surface of these statements of discontentment. Maybe it’s time to ponder some of the [possible] implications. I’ve heard several college football players talk about sitting out the season over this or that [legitimate] concern. I am not in favor of athletes striking or sitting out seasons —it’s going to hurt them in the long run. I hope they take advantage of other means of making their point (lots of forums exist for this). On a related front, I hope cities think a bit more about removing qualified immunity protection from their police forces –it will only result in a windfall for trial lawyers. And, for all the folks, who WANT to see city governments spending ALL their money litigating endless police misconduct cases, please remember that the United States doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If our cities can’t find smarter ways of improving the quality of life than dismantling police forces —cities will fall. I wonder if there aren’t at least a couple of foreign powers who wouldn’t be just fine with that.

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      1. Look around at what Trump did to President Obama’s Economic Recovery, he destroyed it and then some. President Obama brought the country back from being on the verge of another Great Depression, handed Trump low unemployment 4.7% rate and the idiot Trump now has it at over 20%.

        Trump and the republi-clowns have unemployed over 40 Million Americans and Murdered over 120,000 more with that murder rate rising exponentially.

        Not to mention the fact that incompetent Trump has added over $10 Trillion Dollars to the National Debt in just 3 years.


      2. You imbecile, Obama kept trying to take credit for the Trump economy the last 4 years.

        Now you lib liars want to blame Trump for the Red Chinese Flu.

        You loved Obama adding $10 trillion to the national debt in 8 years.

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      3. And how about when imbecile Trump bankrupted the farmer’s and had to bail them out with Good ‘Ol Fashion Republican Socialism…the Chinese really kicked old senile ass Trump in the crotch on that one, huh?



      4. gt — The ‘voice over’ in that video shrewdly/sloppily tries to gloss over Hunter’s equity interest in corrupt foreign corporations and governments…..

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      5. President Obama handed Trump 4.7% unemployment and look at the mess nincompoop Trump did with that…40 Million Americans he put out of work.

        Holy Hell! You have to be one stupid son of a bitch like Trump to tank the economy as bad as he has. Gawd Damn!

        The mess that happens on Trump’s watch will stay with him forever…what an idiot he is.



      6. I read TebowBarry defense of our ex-President’s Recovery…and burst out laughing…or more correctly, ROTFL…… too funny….


    1. Um, Obama said manufacturing jobs would never come back, wrong
      Obama had more people on food stamps than any other Prez
      Obama had zero idea how to get the economy going
      The economy has died to a virus panic, enabled by your party of libs

      Tell me how SF, Seattle, Portland etc, run by libs for years, are doing ? Oh wait, it’s Trumps fault that these cities have been run into the ground.

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      1. Anybody who singles out Trump as THE cause for America’s problems hasn’t been paying attention for the last 50 years……

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      2. Gosh Owns, you spout DNC talking points like a Chatty Cathy doll. Have you ever had an original thought in your life?


    2. Agree! I don’t know why my like button doesn’t work. My daughter was a student-athlete at USC. Whether black, white, Polynesian, asian, Indian, whoever it may be, there is much work to be done within the department that centers around that pandering, not paying attention to student-athletes needs, which includes on and off the field and water. Much can be gained from listening to what the black student-athletes say, which will, in turn, help all student-athletes. I, too, dislike the squeamish talk that comes out of President Folt, Caruso (maybe he is running for office?), and Helton. Bohn is a great straight shooter, and so supportive of the student-athletes. He’s only misstepped once, albeit a bad misstep retaining our lame duck head coach.

      I hope all this activism results in positive change at the university. Fight On!

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      1. I respect what you have to say about Bohn, Joan. I’ve heard others say the same thing. Maybe he’s a good guy stuck in a [really] bad system —I mean how much fun can it be to walk into Carol’s office and see that weird frozen smile stuck on her face? …

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      2. What end of the bench did your dtr. plant her ass? Not heard of that last name in any major sport of being consequential.


  4. β€œUSC must prioritize our lives and well-being over pandering to boosters and donors.”

    USC didn’t want anything to do with boosters or donors when they offered to buyout imbecile Helton’s contract and pay for Urban Meyers salary if USC would have hired him.

    You can’t start prioritizing one race or another, all that does is add fuel to the fire for divisiveness.


  5. An oldie, but a goodie!

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refers to Trump as “Donald” and Trump is visibly furious. LOL!

    Then Donald couldn’t sign his name correctly on the trade agreement, probably still flustered and triggered from Trudeau clowning him, making a total fool of himself again on the world stage.

    LOL! Classic!


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    2. 5 straight titles. Never get tired of hearing that one! And who knew that any team could win so many in a row without the help of Sam Gilbert!

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    3. Hey fuck head Owns – 1968 Trojans did not lose a game in college World Series. How did Cerritos do when you clean the bathrooms in the gym?

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      1. Remind us Linkster, just how many of the Bozo 5 straight BB NC’s were achieved w/o a loss? Double-Elimination tournaments are for pussies.



    1. Ah, the cover of Ripple. Very well done by this ensemble. Thinking of having this version played at my memorial (when that time comes) and some other stuff by Mark Knopfler who I think is fabulous. Thanks Pud!!

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      1. Here’s to hoping “that time” is a long way off, Michael —and that lots of grand stuff happens between now and then……

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      2. Nice choice Pud. Good old Jerry. Always loved a sad song. Love the video of old San Francisco back in the 40’s. Once a great city. I lived there for @ 3 years in early 70’s. Liberal then but tolerable, everybody out for a good time. Now, what a cesspool of everything wrong with this country. I wont rant on, but SF now has destroyed it self. Tourism down, executive flight down and out, home prices and drugs on the street up not to mention the chit. What a tragedy…

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      3. Yeah —but, Michael, the voters in the Bay Area are just fine with it…

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  6. A group of Greek Americans has asked the University of Southern California to discontinue use of the racist slur β€œTrojans. β€œ
    They pointed out that Troy was a Greek city State in Turkey where according to legend the Trojans refused to do what they were supposed to do. (Depending on who you ask could be anything from returning a kidnapped lady or paying tribute)
    The word Trojan became an ethnic slur to portray people below the Greek standard of acceptance.
    The USC athletics department is considering the change. One idea is to adopt the color Green as their mascot, following in the footsteps of Stanford. The Cardinal of Stanford refers to a color rather than a bird or religious station it is singular . USC said Green is a nice color and it would best to grab a color before other colleges jump on the bandwagon. Almost all of the good animal names are taken, beavers,ducks, bears, baby Russian bears (bruins) huskies, cougars, buffalos and wildcats are all members of the PAC 12 conference. Other teams looking to change their culturally insensitive names included the Sundevils and the Utah Utes. The Utah team has an agreement with the Ute nation to use their name even though the early settlers of Utah tried to decimate the tribe. The Arizona team is also looking at the color green too just to spite the team from Southern California as they did by keeping the identical school color scheme when joining the Pac10 even though they agreed to change as a condition to joining. They actually changed from cardinal and gold to maroon and deep yellow.
    Other names suggested include Gamecocks, and Coyotes. The name gamecocks is being used by University of South Carolina, who has been sued by USC for trademark infringement. Coyotes are the fearless animals that roam the inner city of Los Angles.
    If you have read this far I have enjoyed yanking your chain, typing with my thumb just to point out how silly political correctness can get. Carry on reading the news only Scott can bring

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    1. Wait a second! Wait a second! What were the Trojans supposed to do? Give Helen back to fucked up Agamemnon?

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